How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart: 6 Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

So, how to move a trampoline without taking it apart?

Trampoline displacement might be necessary for many reasons. However, you can move the trampoline either by disassembling all the parts or without dismantling methods. Which one is suitable for you, depending on the situation? Today, we’ll explain the second technique.

Moving a trampoline without taking it apart is not a hard nor an easy job. It needs time and patience to do that. In most cases, switching home drives trampolines shifting. You may need to move your trampoline during summer and spring. Autumn and winter are other important seasons that need trampoline moving.

Everything about How to Move A Trampoline without Taking It Apart

How to move a trampoline without taking it apartBecause of the trampoline size, you can easily move the indoor mini trampolines without doing significant work. So, here we will focus on the moving techniques of a large outdoor trampoline like the one used by adults without dismantling it. To avoid injuries and hardships, you can take help from others.

Trampoline moving techniques for a short distance and a long distance are different. Now, we will provide you with a detailed description of them separately. Let’s start!

How to Move A Trampoline without Taking It Apart to a Short Distance

Do you want to move your trampoline from one place to another within the backyard? Then you can find any of the following techniques handy.

Wheel Method to Move a Trampoline

The trampoline moving wheel is a fantastic tool to move the trampoline if the distance is short. You will not face any hassle while moving a trampoline with the wheel. Sometimes you can move it on your own or may need one or two people’s help in certain situations.

There are few manufacturers of trampolines that supply wheels with the trampoline. But if the trampoline manufacturers didn’t provide you with the wheels, you need to buy them separately. It will only cost you a few dollars.

Moving the trampolines using wheels is great for straight-leg trampolines. Because wheels are suitable to attach with the feet of straight legs. Attaching the wheels with the legs is pretty simple. After attaching the wheels, you can easily drag the trampoline to the place you want.

Don’t allow anyone to jump over the trampoline while attaching to the wheels. After moving the trampoline successfully you can simply take off the wheels from the trampoline.

Sliding the Trampoline to Move It

Trampoline sliding is another easy technique to move the trampoline without taking it apart for a short distance. This technique is suitable if your backyard is clean enough. If there are large grasses, take a lawnmower and clean them nicely.

This technique is more cost-efficient than the wheel method. You are only required to apply any quality lubricants underneath the legs of your trampoline. By applying this, you can easily slide the trampoline. Before sliding, you can also put off the enclosure net if you want.

Then, carefully slide the trampoline to your desired location. To accomplish this task, you will require two or more people because trampolines are quite heavy and tough to slide single-handedly.

Manual Lifting of Trampoline To Move It

Manual lifting of the trampoline is perfect for you if you don’t have the time and money to apply the above-mentioned techniques. It is a very straightforward technique to apply when you want to avoid any sort of mess with the trampoline. You can use this technique if you are physically strong and the trampoline is free from the enclosure net and poles. Before doing it, measure the trampoline to get an idea of the size.

If your trampoline is not that heavy, you can give an effort to move it by yourself. For this, you just need to go under the trampoline. Then, you have to place yourself at the center of it. After that use your back to lift the trampoline and take it to the chosen location.

But you should not do this if the trampoline is too heavy.  Then, you will require four to five strong people for assisting you to move the trampoline. Each person has to grasp the trampoline while maintaining a similar distance from one another. By doing this you can distribute the weight equally and be able to move the trampoline to the right place.

Moving the Trampoline to a Long-Distance

Sometimes you need to shift with your family with all the necessaries to a distant location. In that case, you have to take your trampoline to the new place as well. So, we are describing the technique to transfer the trampoline over a long distance.

Using Trailer to Move a Trampoline

A massive trailer can be the best option when you intend to move the trampoline to a distant place. In this case, you need to rent a trailer that matches your trampoline in terms of width. After that, you have to lift the trampoline holding its side. Then you have to put the trampoline on the trailer in a way that the jumping mat will be faced towards the right of the trailer’s left-hand side.

Besides, you can lock the trampoline with high-quality ratchet straps appropriately with the trailer. While moving a trampoline on a trailer, you need to drive the trailer carefully and slowly. Also, the weather condition is another factor which you must consider.

Using Truck to Move a Trampoline

A truck is another easy way to move the trampoline a long distance without taking it apart. Make sure the truck has enough space to contain the whole trampoline. In some cases, you may need to take off the enclosure net and poles. It’s wise to lock the trampoline properly with the truck through straps.

Besides these processes, you can also disassemble the tramp first and then put it together again after moving the parts to the desired location if you want.

Concluding Words on Trampoline Moving

We believe that the above discussion will help you to understand how to move a trampoline without taking it apart. By applying these wonderful tips and tricks you will be able to move your trampoline successfully without taking it apart either for short or long distances. After placing the trampoline in the new location, don’t forget to take care of this favorite play.

Though, we would recommend dismantling the trampoline while needs moving for a long distance. This will ensure more secure shifting. But trampoline shifting without taking it apart is time-saving and affordable, especially for small distance moving. So, apply the technique to move your trampoline without any difficulty.

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