What is the Best Place and Time To Buy A Trampoline: 8 Awesome Places and Times!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

After deciding you are going to purchase a trampoline, now the most important thing is to consider the best place and time to buy a trampoline, right? Truly, there are numerous platforms to purchase a good trampoline, still, we recommend Amazon for trustworthy shopping. And which time is right for you, depends on several things like usability, budget, etc.

In this article, we’ll guide you to get the exact idea of where and when you should buy a trampoline. Let’s get started.

Check Out The Best Place and Time to Buy A Trampoline!

Best Place to Buy A Trampoline


There are lots of shops either online or offline to purchase a trampoline. Here, we’re discussing some key places from where you can buy trampolines.

Trampolines For Sale At Your Local Shops

First of all, you can go to your nearest brick and mortar shop to find the most suitable one. The advantages here are you can discuss with the store sales staffs and see numerous models physically. You can also demonstrate different models and sizes in this shopping. But you mightn’t get lucrative discounts like online stores. And if you don’t have lots of spare time, online will be a time-saving option for you.

Shop Trampoline from Amazon

For online shopping lovers, Amazon is a reliable platform and in the case of the trampoline, this is also true. Amazon offers the best price and best products. You will find lots of trampoline collections with the product description and customer reviews that will help you choose the best one. Also, you will get lots of deals to purchase your trampoline at a minimum price.

Free shipping is available most of the time. Just order your product and get it from the front door. It will minimize your hassle to visit different local shops. And if there is any faulty part, you will get a replacement too.

Purchase A Trampoline On eBay

If you want, you can try eBay to shop for your trampoline. eBay hasn’t such abundant assortments of trampolines as Amazon, still, this is a good place to shop trampolines. We only recommend shopping from eBay when the product is unavailable on Amazon. Before purchasing, read their terms and condition as well as product replacement and other factors.

Classified Ads Section

In Classified Ads, you’ll get a handy list of trampolines for sale. But there are shady deals, second-hand trampolines, and imitation of different prominent models’ trampolines. So, you have to be very careful to get the right trampoline here.

Other Places To Buy a Trampoline

Not all trampolines are available on Amazon. You might purchase some trampolines from the manufacturer’s website. Also, there are several of Amazon’s competitors’ e-commerce sites that may sometimes give you better deals and availability than Amazon. Several other sites that sell trampolines and accessories at discounted prices are Walmart, ShareASale, TrampolinePartsandSupply, and so on.

Best Time to Buy A Trampoline

You can purchase a trampoline in any season of the year. But, you have to decide first which season will give more benefit you. Here we’ll discuss the pros and cons of buying a trampoline for each season.

Spring Time to Buy a Trampoline

March to May is one of the most appropriate times to buy a trampoline. This is particularly more suitable if you live in a rainy climate as spring comes at the end of winter and the start of summer. Thus, it will allow using the trampoline in the full spring, summer, and autumn, that’s impressive. And at the start of winter, you can again store the trampoline inside to protect yourself from harsh weather.

If you live in a hot climate region, this is also good to shop for trampolines this time as you can bounce on the trampoline for several months before the hot summer days. Thus, many people consider spring as the most fitting time for trampoline purchase.


June to August is the summer season, the typical time to shop for trampolines. Most outdoor product manufacturers promote their equipment during this time including water slides, basketball, camping gear, trampoline, and so on. In summer, you can add some additional play items with a trampoline for a long time to play with comforts such as water slides, basketball hoops, and sprinklers.

Fall Time to Buy a Trampoline

Fall or Autumn starts in September and ends in November. Autumn is ideal for trampolining as it’s the end of hot summer and winter is still so far. Thus, you can spend great family time in the backyard throughout the season. Moreover, many US regions get humid during fall thus trampoline demand decreases compared to the regular time, so you can grab the chance of discount price.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (at the end of November) are the most appropriate time if you want to purchase trampolines under 20 to 50 percent or even more percent off deals. So, if you are budget conscious, these offers will be great for you than any other time of the year. But, keep in mind, that winter is knocking at the door.

If you have a large store and plan to use a trampoline from spring, then you can get the trampoline with Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. On the other hand, you can also buy mini trampolines for indoor use, which will be great too.


December to February is the winter in the USA. So, there is no significant use of outdoor equipment like trampolines. But most companies offer high discounts on products due to year-end closing. On top of that, Christmas and the new year are the right time to gift others. So, you can buy trampolines or rebounders on these occasions or gift others to wish for a happy new year.

If you live in a heavy-snowfall area then pack your trampoline in the garage or store. But, for the mild snowfall area dwellers can use the trampoline even in the winter with some basic maintenance of the trampoline.

FAQs on Best Place and Time to Buy a Trampoline

What time of year do trampolines sales go high?

In general, trampolines are sold throughout the year. But, during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and new year trampolines sales reach their maximum point.

When is the best time to buy an outdoor and indoor trampoline?

Spring is the best time to buy an outdoor model trampoline in terms of use but if you want to shop at a lower price you have to grab the fall and winter deals as most people put down their trampolines. On the other hand, you can buy an indoor-mini trampoline any time of the year but Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer great deals to purchase a trampoline at minimum cost.

What age is the best time to buy a trampoline?

If your children are under 6 years old, you can buy indoor trampolines for them. For kids ages after 6 years to teenagers, the outdoor adult trampolines are the right choice. On the other hand, adults and seniors will prefer the rebounder mini-trampolines for exercise. And, for family fun, you can go for the large outdoor models.


In this article, we’ve covered everything about the best place and time to buy a trampoline in the USA. Now you know where and when you will find the best deals to purchase a trampoline. And the best age to buy a trampoline is childhood as kids can grow up with lots of fun and play on the trampoline.

Hopefully, after reading the article you can now plan more precisely to purchase your new trampoline for your family. So, buy a good trampoline at right time and from a trustworthy source so that you won’t be needing to regret your decision. Happy trampolining!

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