22 Best Trampoline Tricks For Both Beginner and Advanced Learners (with Video)

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

Trampoline tricks are both a physical and recreational activity that may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It can give you the experience of soaring up while also being incredibly soothing. It’s a perfect place to exhibit your leaping expertise while jumping on a trampoline. Starting with the fundamentals and elementary tricks is crucial; once you’ve mastered the basics, you may progress to the advanced and more sophisticated techniques.

It can give you the experience of soaring up while also being incredibly cheerful. Sometimes people think it is easy to drive just try a bit. It barely matters if they just leap up and land on the base before bouncing back up and landing on their feet, or if they have perfected the talent of backflipping in the middle of a bounce.

Here are a few trampoline strategies to make your trampoline time more interesting.

How to Do Cool Trampoline Tricks

Beginner Trampoline Tricks/The Cool Trampoline Tricks

Trampoline tricksIt’s typically better to start conveniently if you’re fresh in the world of trampoline tricks. This eliminates the possibility of getting wound when you strive to perform unfathomable things. These little maneuvers are easy to execute and enthralling to do while you learn how to soar a bit higher. Bear in mind that safety is always of utmost importance.

Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are convenient to all users but you have to be skilled in this if you are to be the king of trampoline jumps. It’s a pretty fundamental technique, the very first approach towards further trampoline stunts. You will have to utilize the process to tuck up quickly to make the rotation necessary for other jumping techniques.

After diving on the trampoline, take the knees up to the chest when floating in the air and hold them ashore. For freshmen, it’s a great trampoline skill. To not disdain, this skill must first be perfected, as it forms the basis of all other major movements of the trampoline.


The Straddle Jump is a wonderful technique to evaluate your equilibrium and make some of your next steps when it is stated beneath. Leap and extend your legs in a star shape and raise them at least 90 degrees to execute the straddle Jump. During this technique, you can extend out your arms and hands both.

Front Drop

The front drop is much like the backdrop, even though you’re on your front for this time. This method may appear to be rather worrisome, but there are ways to make sure that you do not injure yourself. You just have to get some air by leaping to perform the stunt. If the air is suitable, fling your body off the trampoline-like aboard.

Make sure, nevertheless, when you leap in, and then you dive into a straight position. To make certain that you don’t strike your face off the jumping pad, take out your hands before returning to the pad in a triangle form.

Back Drop

Another popular trampoline trick is the backdrop trick. This move is simply a leap of confidence on a trampoline. Generally, someone catches you in the background in a confident fall, the trampoline grabs you and pulls you back up. If you execute this technique perfectly, you should land on the center of your back. You may also extend out your legs in the air, which is best for most people that make this technique.

Knee Drop

A further simple technique to do, but it’s entertaining. Leap up and attempt to sail on your knees as high as you can. In this method that won’t injure you, place your knees. All you need to do is jump up as high as you can and fall on your knees. You do so with your knees, and you are going to go considerably higher, like the Seat trick.

Pike Jump

It’s harder to leap, especially if you’re a newbie. This is a fantastic technique since it enables you to go through the air high. So your bees should be pointing and pointing in front of you when you jump into the air. Your arms should be up straight in the air and you’ll touch your toes in the air as soon as you bring your legs together.

It’s a quite tough process though because of bending your backbone and collapsing the body to reach your hand to the toe. Before performing it, take some exercise on the trampoline pad and then gradually start jumping and do the procedure.

Seat Landing

You might know or saw the trampoline techniques previously. It’s one of the simplest techniques and takes minimal effort. All you have to do is make a few solid leaps. Just point your legs straight, sit back down to your brace and bounce back up, if you feel you are high enough. When you feel you’re going high enough This technique is necessary for the following one on our trampoline trick list!

Swivel Hips

It might take a few minutes for the Swivel hips to hang, but when you do it’s really exciting to do! You can turn your hips in the air after you bounce back up to land again when you fall back down. You can do so once you have a seat landing technique.

Half and Full Twist

Even though it’s a complicated trick, this technique is fairly straightforward. But you will not use your arms, you will be in a circle spinning. Instead, depending on how many twists you are comfortable with, you will twist half of your body or your whole body. It’s acceptable to put your arms over your head or just keep them next to you, but don’t use them while you twist. Try to add a Tuck Jump to the mix if you want the trick to appear better.

Double Bounce

This is a wonderful technique that two or more jumpers will need to execute. The double bounce pushes a jumper higher and gives a further boost to it so that one of you goes to the highest point.  Begin with frequent bounces and go simultaneously in a little repetition.

Next, your companion should arrive a fraction of a moment ahead of you, pulling the load down on the trampoline. If you do, you’re going to hit your mat and jump a lot higher than you can yourself. However, remember that the ideal way to accomplish this is to jump in the middle of the trampoline, especially on round one, to achieve the most height.


The somersaults are the process of turnover your body again and again.  You have to bend your legs on the trampoline and hands up in the air. Then pressure on the trampoline ground and leap upon the air,  don’t halt, the first step is the front flip. You can land on your feet as long as the equilibrium is maintained.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks That Are Hard

Front Flip

Front flip is not so hard to implement.  All you have to do is begin the trampoline with a better bounce. To make this technique, start by jumping heavily and kneeling to your chest, and grip the region right below your knees with your hands. Then, urge yourself to flip to your forehead. Make sure you’re at your feet. When you have a proper bounce, you should flip in and ideally land on your feet.

Back Flip

Again, the reverse process of the front flip is the backflip. Comparatively, it is difficult to implement when you bend back your whole body in the air. You need to leap for a proper swing and fold your legs in instantly. You just need to bend your head back rather than flip forward. The backflip process is pretty tough than the front flip, as people typically fear jumping the reverse process of the front flip. Without proper practice, you shouldn’t do this first.

Side Flip

Compared to the front and backflip, it’s more troublesome. Do this whenever you become an expert on the other two flips that are simpler. Take a nice leap like the front and back. Bend your legs and turn left or right. This technique could be the way to endanger your neck.

Front Handspring

The handspring front is a lot of enjoyment and much simpler than it appears. Everything you need to do is flip the front and put your arms on the trampoline surface when you jump.

Back Handspring

The back handspring is like the front handspring but it’s just a reverse process. You will require a backflip, rather than a front flip. Put your hands on the surface of the trampoline from there as you flip, bounce, and perform it.

Front Pull-Over

The front pullover for expert trampoline users is an incredible technique. This technique begins by leaping in the air and generally you flip on the front and land on the back. If you land on your back, the move keeps pushing you forward and pushes you to a different bend. It’s like you’re executing a rolling shift, essentially.

Back Pull-Over

Starting by leaping and landing on your back. It should put you into a backflip and launch you back up from all the movement in your leap. The back pullover is far tougher than the front pullover. Begin with learning the front pullover and proceed backward.


The Cody is a recent trampoline skill that intermediate gymnasts may use. Begin with a backflip, then go down the front flip. Bounce straight up after the front dop and do a backflip again. It’s a technique that has to be done a lot to control. The most difficult component to control this feat is the fact that every part of the move is power and velocity. To finish it you must bounce high and quickly.


This will take a lot of practice to perfect, this is another highly complex technique. Simply put, you first do a forward somersault, and then do a half twist to complete it. It seems simpler than this. It sounds easier than that. Look at these video examples below to discover how to perform the trick.

A Cradle

The cradle is some other incredibly quick technique that must be done as soon as it begins. Begin with leaping up and pulling your arms and leaning your legs back in position. When your back touches the ground, straighten up your legs and turn your head and shoulders ahead to the opposite side. You need to observe yourself going from one side to the other. Just before you strike the surface, put out your arms and bend your legs and push the legs of the trampoline pad again.


There are two ways to perform a kaboom. The first is, to turn the whole frontage in a position at the front. The second is, to rotate from the backdrop position completely.

Conclusion on Trampoline Tricks

These are some of the most important and useful trampoline tricks that you may want to learn.

Though it’s a pleasant activity, equal precautionary measures must have to be followed because you don’t want anyone to get hurt while you’re in an enjoyable moment. Trampolines like the adult ones are supposed to be just jumped on, or so every newbie believes.

Nevertheless while attempting to leap as high as possible is still entertaining, merely jumping on a trampoline that is made bouncier gets monotonous and exhausting after a while.

You can learn these skills by practicing as much as you attempt to be experienced. You don’t have to be scared of how hard they are demonstrating. There are a lot of amazing trampoline stunts to try out, and the best part is that you don’t need the ultimate gymnastics trampoline to accomplish them.

Try to follow the steps as we’ve discussed and let us know if you have any questions.

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