How to Disassemble A Trampoline Safely with Complete Instructions!

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

A trampoline is a widely held fun and exercises item for the backyard. This provides year-round workouts for the whole family. But you might be forced to disassemble the trampoline for a few causes. So you can learn the trampoline disassembly process as a DIY task like recycling an old trampoline into something new. If you don’t know the exact process, it’ll be difficult to do that or you may damage the trampoline, or a severe accident may occur.

That’s why we have come to guide you on how to disassemble a trampoline without damaging it. Below, we’ll cover the topic in detail so that you can take down the trampoline safely.

Why Trampoline Disassembly is Required?

Before you move on to the trampoline disassembling method, let’s discuss a few reasons why should you do trampoline disassembly. Here we’ve listed the most important causes.

  • Backyard renovation
  • Protecting during harsh weather
  • Relocating reason
  • Selling purpose

If your trampoline gets exposed in the winter or snow, or heavy wind, it may be affected a lot by the harsh weather. However, by disassembling the trampoline, you can save the fixing and maintenance costs. This will also extend the trampoline’s lifespan greatly.

Trampoline Disassembly Tools

When you buy a new trampoline i.e adult types, the package should come with assembly tools. Typically, the assembly toolkits are a screwdriver, spring puller, rubber mallet, etc. In most cases, these tools will be enough for disassembling the trampoline. However, if you own a second-hand trampoline or lost your trampoline toolkits, you might buy the following tools to disassemble the trampoline.

  • Phillips Head screwdriver
  • Spring puller
  • 10 mm spanner
  • Electric drill
  • Safety gloves and goggles

Spring Puller

This is one of the most important tools for trampoline uninstallation. It is also named trampoline hook sometimes. The T-hook is a very popular option where the spring pulling end has a 90-degrees bend to pull the spring. Generally, its handle is made of plastic or metal and the pulling end has a metal body. The ergonomic handle helps to exert force to pull the spring.

Note: Screwdrivers, Pliers, and caulking guns are sometimes used as spring tool alternatives.

Screwdriver and Spanner

To unscrew the trampoline bolt you need a good screwdriver. Usually, Phillips Head screwdrivers are mostly used in such situations. On the other hand, a spanner has an open end and box end that will be a great option in trampoline disassembly.

Electric Drill

Electric drills can be used to loosen the screws in a quick time. This is not a mandatory tool for trampoline disassembly. You can buy or borrow this to do your task.

Hand Gloves and Goggles

For hand and eye safety, you can use gloves and goggles respectively. You should consider the double-coated gloves.

Step By Step on How to Disassemble A Trampoline

Step 1: Trampoline Cleaning

How to Disassemble A TrampolinePrior to trampoline dismantling, you should clean the whole trampoline. As you’re going to store the trampoline for a certain period, so trampoline cleaning will be great. At first sweep the trampoline bed with a long handle broom. Then scrub out the accumulated dirt using warm soapy water and a soft brush. After that rinse the mat using a garden hose.

If rust forms in trampoline springs, frames, poles, or any other metal part, you can apply lemon paste then scrub off the paste until rust goes away completely. There are many professional rust removers also. However, some experts suggest removing the residue after dismantling the trampoline.

By the way, a minimum level of trampoline cleaning should be done, before taking it down.

Step 2: Remove Ladder, Net, Poles, and Extra Accessories

Slack parts should be taken off first. If your trampoline has a clubhouse put it down carefully. Some trampolines have a basketball hoop, untie it as well. Then detach the net, poles, and ladder. Nowadays many trampoline poles are attached through screws to the frame, in this case, unscrew them too.

After removing all these parts, check for debris and dirt. You can use water-based and non-toxic rust remover if any part has significant rust. Cover the poles with wrapping tapes to extend their lifespan. Clean and fold the trampoline net for storing for future use. And don’t forget to zip the zipper of the enclosure net.

Step 3: Take Apart The Spring Pad

Most spring covers are one-piece construction that is thick enough. Pads are tied beneath the trampoline. Untying the knots, you can easily make the safety pad free. If you found any tear in the spring pad, mark the spot with duct tape for repairing. After doing this, fold the pad and keep it in the storage box.

Step 4: Springs Disassembling

Springs removal from the trampoline is the trickiest part ever. We recommend you learn how to remove trampoline springs before going through the springs-off method. As some springs might be rusty or broken, so wearing gloves in hand will benefit you. You should start with a healthy and no-rust spring.

The first spring removal is very important. Bring your spring tool or any spring tool alternative and find out your desired spring from where you want to start with. Pull the inner side of the spring towards the mat center until it loosens and removes from the V-ring of the mat. And remove the other hook end of the spring from the frame.

After taking apart the first spring, you can remove any other spring using the same technique. If you need quick removal or don’t get good leverage then try with the detached spring as a spring puller. When you finished removing all the springs, check out for rust or corrosion. Apply rust remover in the affected springs. And finally, keep the springs in the spring packet.

If you plan to use the first detached spring to take away other springs, you should know some facts. Trampoline springs have two dissimilar ends that are closed-end and open end. The open end is clung to the frame whereas the closed or loop end is hooked with the mat’s V-ring. While using the end of the spring for spring removal use the open end for quick removal.

Note: Removing springs from rusty trampolines is more challenging than good health springs. You must wear gloves before dealing with rusty trampolines. The ways of taking apart the spring from a rusty trampoline are as below.

  • Remove the first spring using a spring puller or spring tool alternative
  • Then take apart the spring located exactly opposite the first one
  • Now move to 90 degrees and remove the spring using a spring tool or spring
  • Then go again to its opposite side spring and take it apart
  • Follow the pattern until you remove all the springs

Step 5: Jumping Mat Folding

When all the springs are removed, the mat will be disassembled automatically and the thing that only stands is the trampoline frame. Let’s know how to fold a trampoline mat.

Lay the trampoline mat on the ground. Now fold it in half first then repeat the task until it fits your box. Besides, check for tear and wear in the mat so that you can repair the mat hole using a repairing kit.

Step 6: Trampoline Frame Dismantling

Disassembling the trampoline frame is the opposite of the assembling process. You just do unscrewing, unscrewing, and unscrewing. The Phillip Head screwdriver will help you doing unscrew effectively. For fast unscrewing, go for the electric drill.

In a windy location, trampolines have grounded wind stakes to prevent trampoline from blowing away, you need to remove these stakes. Then untie all the screws of the frame. Now, it’s time to detach the legs and outer ring. Do this carefully, otherwise heavy legs may fall upon you and could hurt you seriously.

Apply upward pressure on the ring to detach it from the ring. To avoid injury, stand in the middle of the leg while detaching legs from rings. After detaching the outer rings and legs, take apart the outer ring and T-joints. You can do that simply by twisting the rings. Now gather all the frame parts and store them in the package.

What’s Next?

So, you successfully completed the trampoline disassembly. If you want to use your unique in-ground trampoline for the next year, store all the parts in a dry and free from sunlight place. Other than that, if you plan to renovate your backyard or shift it to a new location, do that.

People Also Ask Regarding How to Disassemble A Trampoline

Is it mandatory to disassemble the frame?

No, it is not mandatory in all cases. If you disassemble the trampoline for protecting it from harsh weather, you can leave the frame outside. In this case, the trampoline frame might need some care and maintenance. When you want to move a trampoline for long distances, the dismantling method might be useful.

Can I disassemble a trampoline alone?

Yes, you can disassemble a trampoline without others’ help if you have small trampolines like a 6 ft, 8 ft, or 10 ft trampoline. But, the bigger ones like the gymnastic trampoline disassembly needs at least two people to do the task in the right way. Although you can take apart the small trampoline by yourself, still we don’t recommend this for safety purposes.

Is professional trampoline assembly, and disassembly service good?

Whether you need trampoline installation or uninstallation, you’ll find many trampoline assembly-disassembly services near you. Most of them will give you professional services for under 200 dollars. However, we recommend you do it by yourself as a DIY task so that you can do the dismantling in need of essence.

How do you store a trampoline safely?

It’s necessary to store the trampoline parts in dry and away from sunlight. If the trampoline is small enough and you don’t want to disassemble it. Keep it horizontally inside your house. But it will block your home space, so we recommend keeping it after dismantling following our above-discussed ways.

How long does it take to disassemble a trampoline?

This depends on trampoline types and trampoline size. Generally, spring-based trampolines need more time than spring-less trampolines. Most spring-free trampolines can be disassembled within 2 hours whereas spring-based trampolines need 4 hours or more.

Is the Springfree trampoline easier to dismantle than the usual trampolines?

Yes, Springfree trampolines provide easier disassembly as there is no spring. You know, spring is the most time-consuming part for trampoline assembly and disassembly.

How much does it cost to disassemble a trampoline?

There are different trampoline disassembly services that offer trampoline assembly and disassembly services at a lower cost. The costs vary in size and type. In general, the cost varies from $100 to $500 or even more.

If you aren’t confident to disassemble by yourself, we recommend hiring any professional to do the job done.

Conclusion on Trampoline Disassembly

While disassembling the trampoline, it’s recommended to read the manufacturer’s guidelines thoroughly as the method may vary a bit from trampoline to trampoline. But the main process remains the same for each. And follow the safety aspects necessarily.

Hopefully, after reading this in-depth article you know now how to disassemble a trampoline in the right way. However, if you have any queries, drop your thought in the comment. Have a nice day!

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