How to Avoid In-Ground Trampoline Snakes: 8 Most Helpful Methods!

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

How to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes? A very common question for many in-ground trampoline users.

Which animal do the people scare the most? Most likely, the answer will be snakes. Snakes are harmless creatures but might be dangerous sometimes. You can find it anywhere, especially near your backyard. Generally, snakes prefer living in a nest or a secured place. Besides, based on the condition they love to live in the shade and sometimes they love to live out of the shade. By living in different places they try to maintain their blood warm as they are cold-blooded animals.

Usually, the snakes feel safe and secure when they live in the backyard. This is because the backyard provides ample food and quality protection to the snakes. Moreover, sometimes snakes can be found in the hole or the mat of a trampoline. That is why you should learn how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes.

It is scary to see a snake underneath the in-ground trampoline, especially for the kids. Though not all snakes are venomous, you need to take them as venomous. Keeping that in mind, you will leave no stone unturned to keep the snakes away from your backyard. And if you have already seen snakes a couple of times in your backyard, it is obvious for you to make sure that there is no snake in your backyard.

But, it is difficult to avoid snakes entering your backyard. Because there are approximately 50 sorts of snakes found throughout the USA. So, in this article, we will provide a complete and specific guideline on how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes.

How to Avoid In-Ground Trampoline Snakes Effectively

How to avoid in-ground trampoline snakesFor this, you should know the methods of preventing snakes from occupying in-ground trampolines. Sometimes it happens that people want to prevent the snakes from invading the trampoline without seeing any snakes in their backyard. But you need to first identify the signs of snakes in your backyard. That will help you to gather ideas about the species of the snakes. Also, it will make you cautious.

Identification of the Signs of Snakes in Your Backyard

Identifying the signs of snakes is important before preventing the snakes from entering an in-ground trampoline or backyard. So, here are some of the tips to identify snakes in your backyard.

The Skin of Snake

Having the skin of the snakes is a good indication that there are snakes in your backyard. If you find any scaly skin of a snake in your backyard be sure that there is a snake pretty near to you. With the growing number of snakes, they change the old layer of skin with the new one usually every month.

Feces of the Snake

Feces of the snake are also another basic indication or sign through which you can know the existence of snakes. It indicates that the snakes are pretty close to you in the backyard. The Snakes take small mammals like tiny reptiles and rats along with insects as their food. Snakes excrete waste like feces. Every animal excrete waste and snakes are not exceptional in that regard. Snakes’ faces look a little bit like bird’s feces and animal bones or hair can be found in them.

Tracks of the Snake

We all know that snakes don’t have any sort of footprints. Despite that, they do possess a distinguishable trail. The snakes leave behind their trail while slithering. That is why the tracks or the trails of the snake indicate the existence of the snakes in your backyard or in-ground trampoline.  If you find any zigzag trail on the dust or the mud be sure there are snakes in your backyard or trampoline.

Methods of Preventing In-Ground Trampoline Snakes

Several methods can be used to prevent snakes from your in-ground trampoline or backyard. If you dislike coming face to face with a snake while playing with a trampoline, you need to make sure that you properly follow the methods of preventing snakes from the in-ground trampoline. So, here we are providing you with some useful as well as effective methods of Preventing In-Ground Trampoline Snakes:

Keep the Backyard Neat and Clean

To prevent the snakes from invading your in-ground trampoline, you need to make sure that you always keep your backyard neat and clean. For ensuring this, you should remove the hiding places of the snakes. Snakes are fond of hiding in tight and dark places. Clutter, shrubbery, and lawn are some of the favorite places for snakes to hide.

So you need to destroy every such thing hindering the way to preventing the snakes. To accomplish that you should clean the mass of wood, piles of the leaf, piles of mulch, untidy shed, etc. Besides, instead of using mulch, you can use crushed stone as it is not much comfortable for snakes. You should not let the grass grow taller in your backyard. Snakes feel comfortable hiding in tall grass. That’s why you have to cut them with the help of a lawnmower. This will help you to keep the grass small.

Also, if there are any holes in your backyard you need to properly fill them out. You should try to keep your bushes as low as possible. Not only this, it is necessary for you to cut down all the tiny trees and plants. And if you want to have plants and trees, it is recommended for you to keep taller trees and roses.

However, doing all these things will not fully guarantee you a snake-free trampoline. But it is obvious that accomplishing the above-mentioned tips will certainly destroy the suitable hiding spots of the snakes. This will be the perfect obstacle for them to reach the trampoline.

Demolish the Food Sources of the Snakes

Generally, the snakes enter your backyard for two reasons. They invade either for shelter or for food. Snakes prefer to make their nest in such places where they can avail of both food and shelter.

If you destroy all the possible shelter of the snakes, they will perhaps invade your backyard for food. Naturally, snakes are carnivorous creatures. Having mice, big insects, rats, and squirrels in the backyard is probably the reason why you find snakes in your trampoline ditch.

To overcome this situation you just need to concentrate on driving away these creatures from the backyard. You can also use natural repellents or chemicals in killing these pests as the snakes get attracted to them. Eventually, the snakes will exit from your trampoline.

Install Snake-Proof Border

Another effective way to avoid an in-ground trampoline snake is to install the trampoline with a snake-proof border. If you desire to keep your backyard secured from snakes you should block all the possible entry points through which a snake can get in.

But one thing you need to know before installing a border. That is a snake-proof border is not fully snake-proof. However, this is an effective way to keep most of the snakes away from your backyard.

For the proper installation of a snake-proof border, you should utilize a good wire mesh border. This will be very useful for your border or fence. The snakes do have the ability to slither up vertically. So, to stop the snakes from entering, you need to angle your border outwards.

In a large backyard, it is difficult to install the border fully. If this is the case with you, try to establish a border covering as much area as possible. There is another initiative you can implement with your in-ground trampoline.  That is to employ a net in the water removal drain. It will keep the snakes from entering underneath the trampoline.

If you already have a border, you need to patch up all the holes in your border.  But if you don’t have any, you will require a snake-proof bordering. This will be determined by the species of snakes that exist in your backyard.

Apply Vibrations

Generally, snakes like to live in places that are not habitable for humankind. Interestingly, they fear us more than we fear them. So, Vibration is a nice way to scare the snakes. This method is useful to keep the snakes away from your trampoline especially when you know the hiding place of the snakes.

To apply the vibration you should run a lawnmower close to that place where you have suspected the hiding place of the snakes. On most occasions, the snakes will leave that place.

You should always remember that this is not the permanent solution to the snake’s problem. This is only a technique to scare the snakes.  But it is a helpful method to apply to avoid the snakes from the trampoline. Also, you need to be very careful while using a lawnmower. You should not run over it on the snakes.

Call the Pets

Pets to avoid in-ground trampoline snakesPets like dogs and cats like to eat snakes. So, you can easily draw the attention of these pets to the snakes. They are experts in finding snakes. The hidden places of the snakes are known to them.

When the dogs shout, the snakes always get scared. Besides, the snakes generally dislike entering the places where dogs and cats exist.

Call the Animal Controlling Professionals

If you fail to keep the snakes away from your backyard after adopting all the means, you need to find a snake-controlling expert. You don’t want to put your life at a stake. So, if you see any snake in your backyard and suspect it is venomous, don’t delay at all.

Call a professional snake controller as quickly as possible. They will take an overlook of your backyard. And they will assist you in keeping the snakes away.

Employ Snake Traps

There are disputes about whether to employ a snake trap or not. Only a handful of experts advise employing snake traps to keep the backyard snake-free. This method is an edition of snake-proof bordering. Snakes-traps are more appropriate to use if your backyard has many reptiles like rats and mice.

You can utilize the glue trap as it has the potential to catch snakes. Where you live is another important factor to consider. Because if your living place is not in Hawaii or Alaska then be sure that your state is home to more than one venomous species of snake.

But, there is a negative side to employing snake traps. That is you will perhaps kill one or two useful animals unwillingly.

Employ Repellents

If you fail to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes after implementing all the methods mentioned above you can take some intense actions. Snake repellents like carbolic acid, sulfur, mothball, as well as other commercial repellents can be employed. But, it is not recommended to employ these chemical repellents regularly.

On the other hand, there are many natural repellents available to you. You can utilize those to avoid snakes. Natural repellents such as cinnamon, cedarwood, onion, oil, lemongrass, garlic, as well as clove oils are pretty useful to prevent snakes.

So, if you have a snake problem you should plant onion, garlic, marigold, and lemongrass in the backyard as these are natural repellents. Also, by using cardamom and clove oil you can prepare a natural repellent on your own. After preparing the repellent you just need to spray this around your trampoline.

Final Remarks on Avoiding Snakes Under Trampoline

There are many snakes that are useful for your backyard. Because they assist you to prevent pests and rodents. But if the snakes are venomous you will not love to take any risk. Especially when you have an in-ground trampoline in your backyard. Regular bouncing on your trampoline will substantially reduce the possibility of snakes coming next to the trampoline.

Although they may invade under your in-ground trampoline carpet. So, in this article, we tried to provide you with a clear and concise guideline on how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes.

We believe you have learned all the tricks regarding how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes. So, don’t delay applying these methods so that both you and your family members remain safe and secure especially the kids.

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