Best In-Ground Trampoline Reviews: 5 Top Rated In-Ground Tramps!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Maybe you are looking for a great trampoline for your kids and family, but don’t have a big space in the backyard. And, you are worried about falling on the ground from a significant height while jumping on the traditional trampolines. To solve both the problems like magic, the best in-ground trampolines come into play.

In-ground trampolines are more space-friendly than others since they are flush with the ground or slightly raised. They are free from irritating giant legs, blocking your visibility and you don’t have to climb on the jumping mat. Rather, in-ground trampolines will be just a step above in your backyard.

Comparison Table of Best In-Ground Trampolines

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5 Best In-Ground Trampoline Reviews

Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline-14-foot Diameter Round-Titanium Grey

Avyna-Pro-Line-In-Ground-Trampoline-14-foot-Diameter-RoundHighest quality with lowest installation cost, that’s the claim of Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline. Avyna Pro has revolutionized backyard recreation with its unique design and outstanding features. Avyna’s unmatched in-ground trampoline comes with a sitting area for the jumpers.

So jumpers can wait here for their turn or simply take a rest after having a great jumping experience. This in-ground trampoline will provide you with nearly ground-level jumping experience, so there is hardly any chance of injuries from falling from the height. So you can let your kids jump on it confidently and remain worry-free.

Avyna Pro-Line trampoline has a weight limit of 352lbs. So both kids and adults can jump on it. The trampoline has 96 springs made from galvanized high-quality steel. Each spring is 8.5-inch long and you will get incredible bounce with each jump almost every time. The trampoline is round in shape and will look great in your backyard.

To hold the trampoline strongly and keep it in place, the frame is built sturdy enough. It is galvanized to be rust-resistant. The jumping mat is made from quality material and will accompany you for a satisfactory period. The springs are covered with a quality spring cover. Therefore, spring injuries will never happen with this trampoline.

Some consider installing an in-ground trampoline as hard. Well, this is not the case with Avyna Pro. They have a great video tutorial on installing this trampoline. By following that, you can easily install the trampoline. Besides, the installation is quite easy since you have to remove soil only from 3 cubic yards.

Yet if you need it you can take the professional help with additional cost. Avyna provides great warranty support for this trampoline. You will get a lifetime warranty for the frame, 10-years for the springs, and 3-years for the mat and pad. In all aspects, it can be your best option for in-ground trampolines.


  • Comes with the resting place
  • Longer springs
  • Easy installation
  • Best rated in-ground trampoline
  • Assures safety
  • Great warranty period


  • Pricey

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In-Ground Trampolines Standard

In-Ground-Trampolines-StandardIn-Ground Trampolines Standard is available in 12ft and 15ft sizes. This in-ground trampoline features an easy installation process that requires very little excavation and dirt haul-away. This is not a converted above-ground trampoline, rather it is specially designed and engineered to perfectly go inside the ground.

With this trampoline, you will get the true in-ground trampoline experience. This perfectly designed in-ground trampoline has an all-in-one design feature that takes care of all your concerns like airflow, corrosion, and water collection in the pit.

Its all-new, super heavy-duty frame is built from 14-gauge still tubing and further supported by 18-gauge steel wall panels. The frame is galvanized to provide you with maximum corrosion-resistant performance for a long time. And, all this steel is further fastened together with stainless steel hardware.

This 12ft model comes with a total of 96 springs that are 8.5-inch long. The springs come pre-galvanized and tapered for the high-performance bounce. The 15ft model comes with more springs and that is 120 in number. The spring length remains the same.

In-ground trampolines standard comes with a maximum airflow jump surface which assures 20 times better airflow than the traditional jump surface that comes with other in-ground trampolines. That means you will experience unmatched bouncing. The weight limit for the 12ft model is 450 lbs.

Therefore, both kids and adults are equally welcome to jump over it. This trampoline comes with a next-level spring pad made from heavy-duty UV-resistant vinyl. It is 18-inch wide and more than 1-inch thick.

With this top-notch in-ground trampoline you will get a 10-years warranty on the frame tube segments, wall panels, and hardware, 3-years for springs, 2-year for jumping surface, and other materials.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Better airflow
  • Best featured in-ground trampoline
  • Wider and thicker spring pad
  • Great warranty support
  • Improved airflow than others


  • Pricey than others

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Berg Trampoline Inground Champion Oval 17ft with Safety Enclosure Net Deluxe

Berg-Trampoline-Inground-Champion-Oval-17ft-with-Safety-Enclosure-NetBerg Trampoline Inground Champion is designed with years of experience to assure quality and safety. With this quality in-ground trampoline you will get a great bounce and have a safe jumping experience. And you will feel proud to have this oval trampoline in your backyard. To have great fun you need higher jumps.

And Berg has perfectly taken care of this fact. Berg has developed a unique airflow technique to assure higher jumps almost every time you jump. Its jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation than standard jumping mats. With better airflow, you will face less resistance and therefore, will have a greater jumping experience.

Berg Champion in-ground trampoline has a great combination of TwinSpring Gold springs and the unique airflow jumping technique. The springs are mounted in the shape of a V which assures larger jumping areas than the traditional springs. Since this trampoline is oval-shaped, in case you jump out of the optimal jumping area, you will be directed to the area.

One of the unique features of this Berge in-ground trampoline is, that you will get a quality enclosure net. This net is quite nice and taut and comes with a reinforced upper edge. The self-closing entrance is extremely safe.

The net poles are ergonomically designed and padded with thicker foam. The net is attached to the poles to the outer edge of the padding. Therefore, the maximum jumping surface is assured with this amazing in-ground trampoline.


  • Assures 50% more airflow
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Larger jumping surface
  • Comes with an enclosure net
  • Best budget in-ground trampoline
  • Great jumping experience


  • Proper digging may take sometime

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In-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel Upgrade

In-Ground-Trampolines-Stainless-Steel-UpgradeIn-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel is the upgraded version that offers more quality and safety than the previous versions. You can choose the 12ft model if you are looking for a compact in-ground trampoline. And you can choose the 15ft model if you are a great fan of larger trampolines. Both of them come with a stainless steel frame.

The frame is galvanized and further fastened with necessary steel hardware. With its quality galvanization, you will get rust-resistant performance for a longer period. The installation process is not so hard as conventional in-ground trampolines. You don’t need to do huge excavations.

The heavy-duty frame comes out of 14-gauge steel tubing which is accompanied by 18-gauge steel wall panels. So they are built to handle the impact of high jumps. Even adults are welcome to jump on this trampoline. Since it has a weight limit of 450lbs. And the 96 8.5-inch springs are perfect to provide you with great bounce each time.

With this trampoline, you will have a 20-time better airflow facility than regular ones. You will never worry about common issues like airflow, corrosion, and water collection in the pit. The heavy-duty spring pad is made from UV-resistant thick vinyl. This upgraded model includes complete stainless steel springs and jump mat V rings. You will get a warranty period of 10-years for the frame, 3-years for the springs, and 2-years for other things.


  • Better airflow
  • Best high-end in-ground trampoline
  • Stainless springs and V rings
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Built for long time use


  • Costs a lot than others

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JUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline with Patented Safety Net

JUMP-POWER-10ft.-x-7.5ft-or-12ft.-x-8ft.-In-ground-TrampolineJUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline is available in two sizes. You can either choose the 10ftX7.5ft size or the 12ftX8ft size. This in-ground trampoline has a 220lbs weight limit. It comes with a quality enclosure net that features a patented Top Ring Cable Wire Quick Release system.

Jump Power rectangular in-ground trampoline is designed for advanced jumpers like gymnasts, cheerleaders, divers, etc. Due to its compact size, the trampoline will fit any size or shape in the backyard. The mat is made from quality polypropylene. The heavy-duty frame is made from 16-gauge solid steel.

It is properly galvanized and has a thickness of 1.75-inch. Since it is smaller than other models and has a lower weight limit, the springs are also lower in number. This trampoline has a total of 58 springs that are 6.5-inch long. They are galvanized to provide you with a rust-resistant performance.

The poles of the trampolines are angled to a certain degree so that, jumpers don’t get hurt in case of a wrong landing. Besides, the poles are padded with quality thick foam. A thick high-quality spring pad covers the springs and secures them properly.

Conventional trampolines also come with enclosures but they are hard to assemble and disassemble. But this Jump Power in-ground trampoline has taken care of this issue. Its enclosure net is easy to set with the poles. If you are looking for a perfect in-ground trampoline for the kids, you should try this one.


  • Compact size
  • Thicker frame tube
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with an enclosure net


  • Less weight limit
  • Less number of springs

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How to Find Best In-Ground Trampolines

best-in-ground-trampolinesIn-ground trampolines are unique due to their design and installation system. And they have some unique advantages that no other trampoline type can offer.

Types of In-Ground Trampolines

Generally, in-ground trampolines refer to trampolines that lie in the ground. It is a fact. Yet, you should know that there are two types of in-ground trampolines with subtle differences.

Flush to Ground

This type of in-ground trampoline remains at the same level as the ground. To install them, you will need to make a retaining wall in the hole. This wall assures the durability of the trampoline and protects it from collapsing due to high bouncing pressure.

Raised from Ground

Most of the portion of these in-ground trampolines stay under the ground and the rest of it remains raised from the ground. This is done to assure adequate airflow. When you jump on an in-ground trampoline, air pressure occurs. To neutralize the pressure, you must assure perfect ventilation. Otherwise, there will be less bounce or no bounce from the mat.


Like above-ground trampolines, in-ground trampolines are available in various shapes. You can find round, rectangle, and oval-shaped in-ground trampolines. Round shape trampolines are the most common and available type. They always direct jumpers to the center area. So jumpers hardly land on the edge. Therefore, more safety is assured like the awesome JumpKing trampolines.

Rectangular trampolines provide uniform bounce and never direct jumpers to the center area. And rectangular trampolines are more space-friendly than round ones in some cases. That depends on the size of your backyard.


The frame and the springs must be made from galvanized quality steel. The frame should have enough thickness. It is better to have an in-ground trampoline with more and longer springs. More springs will generally result in a high bounce.

The jumping mat should be UV treated and made from quality material like polypropylene etc. Spring pads are necessary to secure the springs and eliminate risky gaps. Most of the quality in-ground trampolines come with a thick vinyl-made spring pad.

Some in-ground trampolines come with an enclosure net others don’t. Actually in the case of in-ground trampolines necessity of enclosure is not so important for round shapes. But for rectangular-shaped trampolines, it is better to have an enclosure net. The poles should be padded with thick foam and angled to some extent. This way jumpers will have more space.

Warranty and Price

Try to choose the model that comes with a decent warranty period. It will save you in time of bad lucks. The quality product needs a good investment. So if the budget is not a problem for you, go for the best options available to you.

Why You Should Choose In-ground Trampolines

Every trampoline has its specialty and dedicated purpose. For example, gymnastics trampolines are perfect for gymnasts, water trampolines are made for summer enjoyment, kids’ trampolines are great for their growth and health, etc. Similarly, in-ground trampolines have some unmatched advantages.


In-ground trampolines are great for safety, especially for kids. Since they remain flush to the ground or raised from it, you don’t need any ladder to climb the jumping mat. In-ground trampolines are free giant legs. In case you fall to the ground, you will not be hurt so much. Because you are falling off from normal height.


Since in-ground trampolines remain flush to the ground or some steps above it, you can easily reach the jumping mat. Even you don’t need a ladder. So this easy accessibility helps the kids a lot. It also reduces the chances of injuries.


In-ground trampolines enhance the beauty of your backyard. They look attractive and fascinating on the ground. You will feel always invited to jump on them. On the other hand, above-ground large trampolines like the top quality adult trampolines occupy much space in the backyard, and may not look so good always. And large trampolines will block the visibility of your backyard to some extent.


If you live in an area, where heavy storms or wind occur very often, you will face difficulty keeping the large trampolines in place. You may think of using wind stakes, but they may not be so effective sometimes. In this case, in-ground trampolines are a good solution. They remain close to the ground and there will hardly be any issues during a heavy storm. So, the maintenance work is minimum for an in-ground trampoline.

In-Ground Trampoline Installation

Many people think that installing in-ground trampolines is hard. We don’t agree with this point, rather we say that installing them is tricky. You just need to follow some steps and can easily set your in-ground trampoline up.

Making the Trench

The first thing, you need to do is make a trench depending on the size of your in-ground trampoline. You will have to dig and remove the soil in a perfect manner. You will get the dimensions of the trampoline including the width and height of the hole. Normally, you will have to dig an additional one foot than the actual diameter of the trampoline.

Retaining Wall

After making a perfect-sized trench, you need to make a sturdy retaining wall. You can build the wall with concrete, stone, or even bricks. Choose the easiest option possible. Put extra care while building this wall. The retaining wall plays a great role to keep the frame in place and protect it from dirt.


A good system of drainage is a must for in-ground trampolines. During the rainy season, water will accumulate under the trampoline. You need to drain that water otherwise your trampoline will be submerged. So think about how you would like to drain the water. One thing you can do is arrange perforated pipes and keep them lying underneath. So that you can use them to drain the water during the rainy season or whenever it is necessary.


Proper ventilation assures the perfect bounce of in-ground trampolines. If you don’t process the airflow perfectly, your trampoline will not bounce at all or maybe very poor. While bouncers are jumping on them, air pressure occurs under the trampoline. This air needs to be normalized. To do that, you can simply put a gap between the wall and the frame. You can also use pipes to do that but maintaining distance is the easiest and simplest solution.

Things to Consider Before Buying In-Ground Trampolines

Before jumping to buy any in-ground trampoline, you need to consider

  • If there is enough space in your backyard to set up an in-ground trampoline. Check the size of your chosen trampoline and match it with the available space in your backyard
  • Choose the color of the trampoline in such a way that it perfectly blends with your backyard. If not, it should not look irritating at least
  • Making the trench is tricky enough. So if you are not confident about it don’t hesitate to take professional service. That may cost you some extra expense, but you will end up with a perfect setup
  • In-ground trampolines are for those who own a house or living place. If you don’t have your own house, you should try above ground trampolines that are easy to move and set up

In-Ground Trampoline Pros and Cons

An in-ground trampoline is a very popular and great way of fun and fitness. With its pros, there are some cons too. We’ve covered them below.


  • Lots of funs
  • Kids can get into the jumping bed without a ladder
  • Safer trampoline than usual ones
  • Gives good looks to the yards
  • Keeps your pets safe
  • Less maintenance required


  • Higher installation cost
  • Price exceeds that of many other trampolines
  • Proper venting and drainage are required
  • Standing water can be a problem

Why In-Ground Trampoline is Pricier Than Usual Trampolines?

You may wonder, how much an in-ground trampoline costs. Well, most in-ground trampolines price vary from $800 to $3000. And you also have to pay a handsome amount for in-ground trampoline installation. The reasons behind the in-ground trampoline’s higher price are explained in the following section.

There are basically two major in-ground trampoline costs that you have to bear- purchasing costs and installation costs.

Purchasing Cost of In-ground Trampoline

An in-ground trampoline is buried in the ground, so its frame and springs are made from superb-durable galvanized material. To buy these top materials, you have to pay more than the usual trampolines. Also, you have to buy extra materials for reinforced wall building.

You know, most in-ground trampolines come with more than 12 ft which also hikes sunken trampolines’ price. Although in-ground trampolines are a safe mode, you can still purchase a safety enclosure to make this more jump-friendly. Moreover, if you need further repair and maintenance, you have to spend more in that case.

In-ground Trampoline’s Installation Cost

A standard in-ground trampoline requires almost $500 to $1500 to properly install the trampoline which is more expensive than other trampoline installations. Sunken trampolines installation cost includes extra material cost, hole-preparing cost, labor cost, drain making cost, etc.

On average, in-ground trampoline hole digging needs almost 5 hours by 1 labor. And you have to pay approximately $30 per hour. On the other hand, you can rent an excavator to do that. The main installation cost area is making the concrete wall. You also have to level the ground then. All these increases in-ground trampoline installation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunken Trampolines

Why in-ground trampolines are so expensive?

The quality and safety factors of in-ground trampolines are great. However, the unique design and special installation costs go higher than traditional trampolines.

How does in-ground trampoline win over above-ground trampolines?

Both in-ground trampolines and above-ground trampolines have good and bad sides. The best sunken trampoline is a great way for backyard fun. Some good sides of in-ground trampolines over usual ones are- less maintenance, safer than traditional ones, easy to get into, no significant weather effects, etc.

What is the weight limit of in-ground trampolines?

In-ground trampolines come with different weight limits according to their size. In general, the limit varies from 100 to 500 pounds. Before buying your trampoline from any place, decide first which weight rating suits you.

Why in-ground trampolines are safer?

In-ground-trampolines jumping bed and ground go on the same level. So jumpers don’t get much impact if they fall on the ground which makes this safer. This also prevents entering beneath the jumping bed.

What are some common sunken trampoline problems?

While installing in-ground trampolines, installers frequently face some common problems. Several of them are how big the hole you dig, retaining wall building, proper venting and drainage making, lifting the sunken trampoline, and so on.

Final Words on In-Ground Trampoline

Every trampoline enthusiast will love to have a perfect in-ground trampoline and add another dimension to the backyard (be aware of the inground trampoline snakes though). Our best in-ground trampolines suggestion will help you choose the perfect one for you. Once you buy a good one for yourself, you will be proud of it for the rest of your life.

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