DIY Trampoline Ladder & 4 DIY Trampoline Steps Including Slides

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

The trampoline ladder is an important accessory for the large trampoline. It allows kids to access the trampoline surface easily. This is an inexpensive accessory that comes with most trampolines. But you can also purchase it separately. And if you want, you can also make a DIY trampoline ladder. In this article, we’ll teach you how to build a trampoline ladder at home.

Ladders of the trampoline are also called trampoline steps or stairs. Some models have built-in trampoline steps including slides. Here you will also get some recommendations on these types.

Trampoline Ladder Ideas

A metal ladder or stair is the best material for durable trampoline stairs. But if you are not skilled enough in metal works then you can go for wood models. You can easily make wood stairs without much effort. They are sturdy too. Ladders on both side rails can make trampoline wood ladder safe. Bright paint can give it aesthetic look. Moreover, you can add a slide with stairs for more fun.

DIY Trampoline Ladder


Things you need to make a trampoline ladder-

  • 2 pieces 42 inches 2-by-4 wooden planks
  • 2 pieces 18 inches 2-by-4 wooden planks
  • Tape measure
  • A Pencil
  • A Ruler
  • Power drill
  • A table saw or a circular saw
  • Angle brackets
  • 3/8-inch screws, 1-inch long
  • 3/8-inch screws, 4-inch long

After collecting all the necessary tools and equipment to build the trampoline ladder, the first thing is to measure the distance between the trampoline frame and the ground. It’ll help you understand how the length of the ladder will be. After measuring the height, add approximately 1 foot more with it as the ladder is placed tilted with the trampoline.

The 42 inches wooden planks act as a margin brace of the ladder. And the 18 inches planks are used to make the ladder steps. Now mark the 42 inches of wood planks to fix the positions of the steps in the planks. Measure two steps position marking two equidistance maintaining 1 ft from one end of the plank.

In this stage, place brackets in the parking spots and make four small holes using the drill in the large planks. Now screw 3/8 inch of the 1 inch long into the holes to attach the angle brackets. Thus the brackets make 90 degrees angle to secure the steps there.

Now position the large 42-inch planks upright and perpendicular to each other. Also, position the 18-inch planks horizontal to the vertical planks and fit the top halves with angle brackets. Mark spot on the low side of the steps. Then drill 1-inch into the steps to fit with the other ends.

Align the top half’s angle brackets holes with the lower end holes. Screw 3/8 inch screws to secure the angle brackets with steps. So, the trampoline stairs DIY is done.

Do It Yourself Steps for Trampoline

Step 1: Before you make trampoline steps, be sure how many steps you need actually. In general, steps are 6 inches high but for children, you can make lesser height steps for easy climbing. But it’s recommended to make steps 2 inches smaller than the height of the trampoline.

Step 2: Build 2 feet by 2 feet by 1/2 feet box. Plywood or pallets are good materials in this regard. Nailed or glued them to construct the box easily. If you use glue make sure it dries before completing the box. Then make another box measuring 2 feet by 1.5 feet by 1/2 feet.

Step 3: Now put the second box over the first box to build the next step. Use glue or nail to secure the step. In the same formulae, continue constructing them and attach them to each other until you complete the whole steps. Usually, you can make steps up to 2 ft height in this way. Also glued or nailed them properly to make them durable.

Step 4: If you want you can attach at the highest step for safe climbing. It will prevent falling off the kids while getting on and off the trampoline. You can also use the steps for other purposes too.

Trampoline Stairs and Slide Ideas

You can consider the trampoline ladder as the first step of the trampoline stair. After setting the ladder add a support beam at the edges of the backside of the ladder. Be sure, that the support beam and ladder side beam’s angles are consistent. Also, check the sturdiness of the nail joining planks between the ladder side beam and support beam. The ladder should be standing properly on its own point.

Raise a support beam from the ladder’s bottom end. Make sure the beam is upright and does not exceed ladder height. Also, place another beam from the high end that touches the ground and erects to ladder tip at least one foot. For both sides of the ladder, do the same. Now secure a plank on both sides and beam at the top and bottom end to make a rail. Repeat it for the other side.

The rail will provide hand support to get on and off the trampoline. So, the trampoline stair is ready to use. If you want you can make a slide with the stair using woodworking skills.

Recommended Ladders for Trampolines

Pure Fun 2 Platform Steps Universal Trampoline Ladder

Pure-Fun-2-Platform-Steps-Universal-Trampoline-LadderThe first recommended trampoline ladder is the Pure Fun 2 Step Ladder. This is a universal ladder that fits any trampoline up to a 3-inch round frame. It’s 38 inches long and 16 inches wide. Both steps are evenly distributed and slip-resistant. If you like to get a safety certification don’t worry. This ladder is certified by ASTM, CE, and TUV/GS.

Pure fun trampoline ladder can withstand up to 250 pounds weight. The ladder is made from UV-resistant steel that can withstand any harsh weather. You can easily attach or detach the hooks of the upper end of the ladder.

Skywalker Trampolines Wide Step Ladder

Skywalker-Trampolines-Wide-Step-LadderIf you want to get a wide step ladder for more safety, then we highly recommend the Skywalker trampolines 2 step ladder. This is made from galvanized alloy steel that fits any weather. The silver coating of the ladder makes it more durable. The length and width of the ladder are 40 and 16 inches respectively. Two extra-wide steps allow safe and quick climbing on and off. The weight capacity of the ladder is 200 lbs.

The top ends of the step ladder have hooks to clinch the ladder with a trampoline rail. The hooks fit up to 4 inches rails. So, this will be perfect for any trampoline. And this Skywalker Trampolines ladder is safety approved by ASTM, thus you can rely on this for your kids.

Gardenature 2 Wide Steps Trampoline Ladder

Gardenature-2-Wide-Steps-Trampoline-LadderGardenature trampoline ladder brings the wide steps ladder for easy climbing on and off. It’s a powder-coated galvanized steel ladder that prevents rust and corrosion. This ladder is designed sturdily to use anywhere you want. The average weight distribution of the ladder is 250 pounds. The length and width of the ladder are 39 and 13 inches respectively.

The hooks of the ladder fit large adult trampoline rails up to 4.5 ft approximately. Hook style ladder allows easy attaching and detaching. The ladder provides an impressive lifetime warranty. And you can use the ladder for different trampoline models.

JumpSport SureStep Removable 3 Step Trampoline Safety Ladder

JumpSport-SureStep-Removable-3-Step-Trampoline-Safety-LadderIf you want to make your kids’ trampoline safer then the JumpSport 3-step ladder will be an ideal option. The model is 43.3 inches high and is longer than most trampoline ladders. Due to 3 steps in this length, kids can easily and safely get on or off the trampoline. Powder-coated, UV-treated ladder makes the ladder durable and usable for any weather protection.

This ladder fits 10×17 ft JumpSport and AlleyOOP trampolines. The extended bottom of the ladder provides great stability of the ladder. You can easily install or remove the trampoline due to the hook system.

Trampoline Pro Rock Wall Trampoline Climber

Trampoline-Pro-Rock-Wall-Trampoline-ClimberTrampoline Pro climber might be a unique trampoline ladder. Besides, get on and off kids can use this as a rock wall or slide that’ll offer plenty of fun. The structure is made of durable steel and trampoline material. It’s 54 inches long that’ll make sliding amazing. You can quickly attach and detach the rock wall with a trampoline.

On the upper top of the climber, there is a durable safety clamp to fasten it with a trampoline. And this product provides a lifetime warranty, that’ll be impressive.

Trampoline Ladder Assembly Instructions

After making a trampoline ladder or receiving it from the manufacturer, it’s time to install the ladder or stair with a trampoline. With the ladder, you will get also a clear instruction manual. So, before you go through the installation, read the manual thoroughly. Here we’re explaining the general procedure.

Step 1: Assemble the cane shape pipes of the ladder. It will give you two long pipes. Now slip the outer end stopple and inner end stopple into the outer peripheries.

Step 2: Slip the bottom plastic step with the cane-shaped pipe on the curved side. Then insert the next step using stopper clips.

Step 3: When you secure the steps in place, fasten the rubber padding with the curved edge. But some ladders mightn’t be enclosed and have rubber padding in the cane pipe ends.

Step 4: Now hook the ladder with the trampoline frame in front of the entrance door. Envelop soft material at the top end of the ladder. It will increase the safety to climb on and off. Make sure the ladder is straight and not tangled.

Frequently Asked Questions On Trampoline Ladders

What are the different types of trampoline ladders?

Usually, trampoline ladders are made from types of materials such as wood, plastic, steel, and aluminum. The wooden models last longer. Plastic and aluminum models are lightweight. And steel ladder fits well in any situation but is quite expensive. You should choose one depending on your trampoline type.

Is a DIY trampoline ladder better than a purchased one?

A homemade trampoline ladder is undoubtedly sturdier than the readymade one. But if you don’t have enough time to make a ladder then you can purchase it.

Final Words

A trampoline ladder might be a great accessory to ease trampoline climbing. It also plays an important role to prevent trampoline injuries. If you want to purchase a good one you can purchase from our recommended model. Alternately, you can make a DIY trampoline ladder easily following the steps we’ve discussed above. Or you may like to make a trampoline step including a slide.

So, decide first which climbing system you’re going to introduce then buy it or make it at home. But, we recommend you build a wooden trampoline ladder by DIY for its great durability. Have a nice trampolining!

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