25 Best Repurpose Recycle Trampoline Ideas: Amazing Old Trampoline Hacks!

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

Most people don’t know the right way to use their old trampoline. So whether they sell the damaged trampolines as scrapped material or throw them out. But you can make lots of great things out of the old trampolines. Such recycling will save you money as well as help you level up your DIY skills like the DIY trampoline ladder project.

Have you wondered, what are different repurpose recycle trampoline ideas? Well, we’re going to teach you several best ways to upcycle your old trampolines. Let’s dive in.

Best Repurpose Recycle Trampoline Ideas


You can recycle different parts of old trampolines like mats, frames, and springs to make numerous thicks for home and garden. Here we’ll cover 25 such good old trampoline projects.

Movie Screen

Who doesn’t love trampoline sleepovers including seeing your favorite movie on a large screen? Well, you needn’t buy or rent a movie screen if you have an old trampoline at home. By recycling the frame, you can easily make a movie screen. A Square and rectangle trampoline frame is most preferable but you can also use a round frame.

Attach a white canvas with the trampoline frame. Or you can paint the mat with white color but the paint mightn’t last longer. So, the first option is recommended. When you need the movie screen, set it in the right place and focus the projector on it.

Rose Arbor

Rose armor is a great reuse of an old trampoline frame to decorate your garden. Set the arched frame in the garden in the gate of the sitting place then secure it in the garden. After that cover it with rose vines. Besides landscape, this will provide shade to your sitting place.

Chicken Coop Using Recycled Trampoline

If you want to repurpose your trampoline frame, a chicken coop will be a good idea. Surround the frame using a net or wood and make an entrance door. In this project, you don’t need to detach the mat. After completing the project, you can keep chickens and small animals inside it.

Elevated Garden​

This is another good DIY old trampoline idea. Using the trampoline frame, you can do it easily. It’ll keep the harmful pests away from the garden. Also, this will add beauty to the garden. So, if you have space in the garden, you can try it.

Swinging Bed

Maybe your children like swinging, right? Well, you needn’t buy a swing if you have an old trampoline at home. You can repurpose the trampoline or rebounder to make a swing bed. In this case, detach the legs and cover the springs using pool noodles. Hang the swing either indoors or outdoor for great pleasure.

Turn Trampoline Into Garden

Do you have an old trampoline? Well, you can use it to make a garden using the trampoline.  Remove the canvas from the frame and flip it down to create a little garden. You can also surround the small garden using a net to protect flowers and vegetables from pests and harmful insects.

Giant Holiday Wreath

A holiday wreath is a perfect place to hang out during the holiday. You can take wonderful snapshots there to share with friends. But do you know, you can also make a giant holiday wreath repurposing your broken trampoline. Yes, make a circle using the old trampoline, secure it in the ground and decorate it using your favorite flowers.

Backyard Camping

If you don’t have enough time to camp in the wilderness, don’t worry. You can camp in the backyard to get refreshments. To camp in the backyard, install a camping or trampoline tent over the trampoline. Bring pillows, quilts, and lights for good sleep and fun. You can also cook foods there for more amusement. Kids can learn the basics of camping there.


For gardeners, a DIY greenhouse from an old trampoline will be an amazing project. The trampoline frame repurposing allows for growing the plants and veggies inside the greenhouse. You need some basic things to do that like PVC pipe, plastic sheets, thermometers, electric tape, door frame wood, screens, and so on.

To make a greenhouse you have to cut the frame into two equal parts and then follow the steps. After completing the house now grow the new plants there.

Magical Fort by Recycled Trampoline

This is another recycled trampoline idea where kids can play happily. Flip the large adult trampoline upside down and hang the structure on the top using some long posts that are grounded in the earth. Then introduce some fairy lights, tables, chairs, and other basic items. You can also surround the area with fabric for a private den.

Hang Porch Plants

Using the trampoline spring, you can hang potted plants and other things. Spring will give enough power to the hanging items to withstand the winds. So, you can make a hanging garden in this way. Moreover, you may paint different colors on the plants to increase their beauty.

Musical Xylophone

For music lovers, trampoline springs might bring a new form of pleasure. Hang some metal tubes from the end of the springs in the windy area of your backyard or balcony. Thus, the springs and metal tubes act as xylophones during winds, that’s amazing!

Reusable Shopping Bags

You can make a shopping bag from the trampoline mat. At first, put down the mat and clean it. Then cut the trampoline mat into pieces and sew them to form the bag shape. After that attach handles with the bag sewing from the mat. Finally, make some zipper pockets.

Living Playhouse

Kids love to play in the playhouse. If you don’t want to spend an extra penny at this moment then you can build a playhouse or teepee from old trampolines for the kids. Consider the shapes first then cut and build the playhouse according to your need. After that add cover or shade using fabric or a trampoline mat.

Playground Spider Web

Using the trampoline frame and cord, you can make a spider web for kids to play with. Attach numerous durable ropes with a trampoline frame and make solid knots to cover the whole trampoline. If there is any uneven knot make it flat. Then allow kids to play in the spider web.

Build A Plyometric Rebounder

This is a good reuse of your old trampoline rebounder. You can remove the legs of the mini kid’s trampoline and tilt it to turn it into a plyometric rebounder that will bounce back the ball to you. Alternately, you can add an extra portion with legs to build the trampoline as a plyometric rebounder.

Rocking Hammock

Another wonderful DIY old trampoline idea is to make a rocking hammock out of the trampoline. Using the mat and frame, you can make it within a very short time. At first, cut the frame in half or one-fourth of the original trampoline size. You might need some basic welding to make form the curved frame.

Then remove the sharp edges from there. After that, fasten the mat with the trampoline. Now set the structure on the ground and make sure it provides a rocking motion with your move.

Diving Board from Trampoline

Don’t sell the old trampoline as scrapped material. Maybe your little kids need a diving board in the lake or swimming pool. Well, think to upcycle the old trampoline frame and mat to make a diving board. Just place it in a suitable spot and secure it on the ground so kids can jump in the water from there.

Soccer Goal

Don’t throw the worn trampoline out rather than use it to make a soccer goal for kids. To make a small post divide the frame in half and place them on the sides of the ground. You can use either a round, square, or rectangle trampoline in this case. Then add nets with them to complete the setup.

Build A Firewood Rack

If your trampoline was damaged completely from heavy winds or other natural disasters, don’t worry you can reuse it as a firewood rack. Yes, the trampoline allows using the old trampoline as a large firewood rack. Thus, you can store bundles of firewood and other heavy items there. You can make a triangular or rectangular rack as per your requirement.

House or Wedding Gate

A lucrative gate can be a warm invitation for guests. Do you know, you can make a wonderful house gate or wedding gate using a trampoline frame? Secure the base in the ground and decorate them with flowers, lights, and decorative items.

Build A Bench

Who doesn’t want to have a sitting bench in the backyard? Luckily, you can make a garden bench from the old trampoline frame. Cut the frame and legs according to your necessary them and weld them to one another to get the full bench. Also, polish the bench before you use it.

Sandbox Cover

You can use the trampoline mat as a sandbox cover as most of them are water-resistant. To do that, you have to detach the springs from the mat. You can also cut according to your necessity. Then cover the sandbox to protect your items from being damaged by harsh weather.

Build A Car Shed

Using the old trampoline, you can make a shed in the backyard or use it as a car shelter. To do that, you have to bend the frame and poles. After that secure the base of these curved poles and frames. Then add a cover to resist water to get in. Now you can keep your car inside the shed even you can use this as sun shelter.

Creative Art

You can use the trampoline parts to decorate the home. Springs are great in this regard to create wonderful things for home décor. You can make colorful hangers from springs and keep them on the wall for a great looking.

Conclusion of Repurpose Recycle Trampoline Ideas

After reading the repurpose recycle trampoline ideas article, hopefully, you now know what to do with the old trampoline. So, make wonderful things from it rather than throwing it away. And, don’t forget to share the article with others so your friends can upcycle the old trampoline.

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