Trampoline Care and Trampoline Maintenance: Ultimate Techniques Revealed!

Last Updated on May 28, 2022

Trampolines aren’t very cheap at all, and you want long-lasting service from them. So, proper trampoline care and maintenance are important. Without proper care, these lovely toys may fail soon or maybe cause serious accidents. But if you often take good care of your trampolines, surely you will get good performance from them for a long time.

Most of us don’t know how to do it. So, this article is to let you learn the tricks on trampoline care and maintenance. Let’s check the maintenance tips!

Trampoline Care and Trampoline Maintenance: How to Do It?

Why Trampoline Care & Maintenance is Important?

trampoline care and trampoline maintenanceTrampolines are used for fitness purposes as well as toys for fun. Different parts of trampolines are made of various materials. Most of the trampoline frame, springs, legs, poles, and T-sockets are constructed from galvanized steel.

The jumping mat, enclosure net, and pad have UV coatings and are made from durable and soft materials. The quality manufacturers provide a good warranty period for their parts.

However, you should take care of them depending on various weather situations, otherwise, they might decay within a short time. For example, if you don’t cover them in cold, rainy, or sunny weather, they will lose their overall lifespan significantly.

If a  spring or mat deteriorates and you don’t repair them, then you may fall in danger while jumping. So, necessary care should be taken.

Tips For Trampoline Maintenance Throughout The Year

As trampolines are outdoor toys, they need to withstand different weather conditions. Most of the trampoline types are weather resistant but they need to be taken care of occasionally for getting a decent outcome. In this section, we will talk about trampoline care in all weather conditions.

Winter Trampoline Maintenance

In winter, snow covers everywhere so it’s harmful to your trampoline. To protect this bouncy toy you need to take special care of it.

Storing Your Trampoline

If you are certain that you don’t need this toy in winter you may disassemble its parts and store them in a safe place. When it comes to taking apart some portions, it’s highly recommended to remove the net, jump surface, springs, and safety pad whilst leaving the poles and metal frame in the yard.

Trampoline Care In Winter

When you don’t have enough space or need to use the trampoline in winter or don’t like to avoid hassle then you can leave it away but make sure you take proper winterizing for the trampoline. It’s recommended not to use a cover in heavy snow-falling situations. It may collect snow and moisture. As a result, the frame may damage or lead to sagging.

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Removing Snow From Trampoline

While leaving your trampoline outside, a lot of snow will buildup over the trampoline. So, you need to clean it making it useable. In this regard, you need some basic things such as a soft-bristle brush or broom.

With this brush push the snow down and make all the surface clear. Never use hard bristles or other inflexible objects for cleaning that can damage the jumping mat. The in-ground trampoline types are much easier to clean and maintain during winter.

Is It Possible to Use Trampoline in Winter?

It’s not safe to use a trampoline while snow falling. But some quality trampoline manufacturers provide weather-resistant trampolines that assist you using all seasons playing. If you want to jump into these situations, don’t forget to check the mat, springs, and frame. Before start jumping, make sure that the mat is cleaned and dry enough. This is really important for a quality gymnastic trampoline.

Protecting Trampoline In Spring

At last, the winter has gone, and it’s time to reassemble the trampoline and make fun. Before that, you need to check all the parts are all right. See whether the poles, and frame are rust-free and the springs are coiled tightly. You need to look at the mat, and net, the pad is free from tears, rips, or holes.

If you found any defect in any part or need assembly help, you can contact the manufacturer. When all things are okay you can assemble the trampoline and start to play again.

Trampoline Care In Summer

The summer season is getting back, so your kids have enough time to play on the trampoline. As the temperature is high, so there is a high chance of exposing UV rays and damaging the trampoline, especially the canvas.

How To Make The Mat Soft?

Your trampolines mat may be UV resistant but it can be dried out soon on a hot summer day. In this situation, your trampoline might be dried out and can be hard and mold. You can spray some water on the mat before using it, it will help you make the mat soft enough. But don’t use oil, it may make the surface slippery and cause accidents.

How To Protect Trampoline From Sun?

It’s a good idea to set up your trampoline in the tree shed in this hot weather. But never install a trampoline directly under a tree branch, because someone may hit it. You can also think about adding a shade cover to protect your kids from the sun. After using, you can cover your trampoline with a tarp to protect it from the sun.

Maintaining Trampoline in Autumn

After a nice summer season, autumn has arrived next to the door. Autumn comes with fresh air but children are busy going to school in the morning. On the weekend trampoline might be a good pleasure toy.

But on a bad weather day, the trampoline might be smashed drastically if you don’t take the necessary care of the trampoline.

Inspect Occasionally

Sometimes leaves of trees or dust may be developed in trampoline mats or springs. It is necessary to inspect and clean the trampolines occasionally.

Wind Protection of Your Trampoline

A heavy storm or wind may damage your trampoline severely. So you need to use anchor kits such as wind stakes to make the trampoline stable. They are cheap in price but reduce the risk of blowing away your trampoline. It will improve the trampoline’s strength fitting it with the ground. You can also use sandbags to secure the frame from winds.

Protecting Trampoline From Rain

You can use a rain cover to protect your trampoline from the rain. If you want to use the trampoline after rain, it is highly recommended to dry out the jumping mat. Never play on a slippery mat, it may occur in a severe accident. So, invest in purchasing a good trampoline cover.

How to Take Down a Trampoline

Parts By Parts Trampoline Care

As a trampolinist, you should know how to care for and maintain various parts of trampolines of various sizes. The proper maintenance will make the trampoline a long-lasting toy.

Trampoline’s Frame

The trampoline frame should be placed on a level surface area. You shouldn’t set up a tramp in a hard surface area such as concrete or pavement area as it can increase pressure on the frame and may damage the frame structure. We recommend you not to exceed the weight limit.

When trampoline moving is necessary, lifting or using the wheel is suggested. Don’t drag the trampoline, it will bend or harm the junctions and legs. For a windy place use an anchoring kit to stable the frame.

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Jumping Mats and Safety Pads

Most of the trampolines, jumping mats, and pads are UV protected. But they can be torn under heavy pressure. Rain and snow may ruin the mat largely. So, clean the mat if there is snow or water. For more safety, you can take out the mat and pad in a safe place. To protect from heat tarp cover is absolutely a nice solution.


Trampoline springs are a vital element for their increased bouncing. It is a good practice to check the condition of the springs before every use. Are they tightly coiled enough? If the answer is no, then we told you to replace a new spring otherwise you can safely use them. Also, you need to check whether there is any spring missing or not. If yes, then install a new one there.

Snows can heavily damage the springs. In this weather, you should remove and keep the springs in storage. Protecting them from rain and dust use a trampoline cover.

Enclosure Net

Before using a safety net make sure it is good enough i.e. there is no sign of holes, fraying, and tearing. Make sure the doorway is not very tight or loose in any way. It is advisable not to sit on the net or don’t consistently jump over it. In extreme weather, don’t forget to remove and keep the safety net in a secure place.

Trampoline Accessories Maintenance

Probably you like different trampoline accessories such as basketball kits, roofs, and tents. So, you need to install them correctly. But when you needn’t use a trampoline such as in a heavy windy condition, you should remove the tramp additional kits also.

General Tips For Caring and Maintaining Your Trampoline

Trampoline maintenance starts at the beginning day when you install the trampoline. It’s important to check on a regular basis whether your trampolines are working correctly before using them each time. These include the following things-

Educating Kids and Teenagers

This seems to be silly but it’s an important fact. You should teach your kids how to safely use a trampoline. Also, you should instruct them that what they should do or do not. Even you should educate them on different types of defects on trampolines and how to solve them all.

Proper Setup and Placement

It may sound irrelevant, but to get the right outcomes you need to set up your trampoline first in the right place. When installing the trampoline, make sure everything you join correctly. Always tighten the screws and bolts. Also, you need to check the springs are installed correctly. If there are winds, don’t forget to use wind stakes.

Another important thing is setting up the trampoline in a leveled area. This will extend the lifespan of the trampoline. If the area isn’t flat the frame may be twisted. Also, make sure the jumping surface is fully horizontal and flat. It is ideal to set up the tramp in shady sports to protect the surface from UV damage.

Trampoline Cleaning

To use a trampoline for extended times, you need to clean your trampolines regularly or weekly, or monthly depending upon your use frequency. If dust and debris make crowds over the mat eventually it can damage the mat or springs. As a square trampoline or rectangular trampoline has a much higher chance of accidents than a rounded trampoline because of the uniform bounce ability, they need to be checked more seriously.

You should remove leaves, and dust from the trampoline. After that, clean the mat, springs, and frame with soap water with a bristle brush then rinse with clean water, and finally dry in the open air. We recommend you not to use detergent, it may lead to the frame’s erosion. The good news is, for a water trampoline and bouncer, it’s very easy to clean.

Inspect Trampoline’s Parts Before Playing

It’s important to check the trampoline every day or before starting playing. In most cases accidents occur due to our negligence. If there is any fault, we will see it at a daily check-up and easily solve this. Here are the things that you should notice frequently.

  • Jumping Mat: Look whether there are any holes or tears. Also, check the mat’s attachment.
  • Frame: Check the frame’s welding. Look if it’s twisted or any signs of rusting.
  • Springs and Pad: See whether the springs come with tight coiling or not. Are there any missing springs? Also, check the spring pad is mounted correctly.
  • Enclosure Net: Check if the enclosure net has any holes.

Avoid Doing These

Before starting playing, make sure that there is no sharp object with you. For your safety, don’t wear shoes, jewelry, etc. One important thing is that, don’t exceed the weight limit of the trampoline.

Repair Parts While Needed

Most trampolines come with a standard warranty period. So, if there are any major defects found, please repair them as soon as possible and keep your children safe. But never allow anyone to modify the parts. Without proper repair, your trampoline might not function well. If it’s really needed to repair contact the manufacturer first.

Measure your trampoline to get the proper size idea of the parts.


Trampoline care and maintenance isn’t a hard job. But you need to spend some time if you want a long-lasting performance from here. This is an ongoing process throughout the year. If you maintain a trampoline nicely you will get good support from it, hence lessening your costs. A quality tarp, anchoring kits, and some basic follow-up can lead you to success.

We want to conclude this article by reminding you of one important thing, preventive care is easier and cost-efficient than after defective actions. So, to win in the long run follow all the above-discussed maintenance rules for your trampoline.

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