Complete Trampoline Size Guide with Trampoline Size Chart!

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

Which is the best size trampoline to buy – this is a common question that arises when one plans trampoline buying. Of course, one trampoline won’t fit everyone. So, you should know which trampoline size will fit you. And choosing the right trampoline size is important for safety bounce.

In this article, we’ll talk about the trampoline size guide to calm your worries. Reading this article, you’ll get a clear understanding of this topic. Let’s explore the trampoline size chart!

Ultimate Trampoline Size Guide with Size Chart

Why Do You Need The Right Size Trampoline?

Choosing an exact size trampoline is essential for many reasons. Some of them are-

  • Good fit for your available space
  • Weight limit and safety
  • Proper bounce
  • Cost factor

If you choose a larger trampoline than your backyard space it will be awkward. The indoor trampolines are children friendly not for adults. For seniors, adult trampolines give higher bounce equals to exercise.  As trampolines maintenance cost is almost the same for all sizes, so adults should go for the large-sized one for good exercise.

Most Popular Trampoline Sizes

The round and rectangular shape trampolines are very popular among trampoline users. Round trampolines are used for recreational purposes whereas rectangular trampolines work well for gymnasts and adults.

Many homeowners look for the standard trampoline size that fits all. If you are in the same queue, go for the 8 to 10 ft round trampolines. They are space and budget-friendly. Most of these trampoline types allow more than 75 kg weight capacity for 4 to 12 years kids and teenagers. Even some of them allow the adult to jump happily.

Before buying a unique trampoline like the in-ground trampoline, consider first for whom you are buying this. If you have several kids the above-mentioned size will be fit for you. But for adults and teenagers majority family should go for 12 ft or upper sizes.

Available Trampoline Size Guides

Trampoline Size Guide & Trampoline Size ChartIn the market, you will find tons of trampolines. Several frequently used trampolines sizes are-

Kids and Toddlers Trampoline Size

Mini Trampoline: This trampoline is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. It is a lightweight and easy-to-carry unit. While kids play inside on the mini-trampoline, parents can easily supervise them. Usually, the sizes vary from 3 ft to 5 ft. Most of them come with a soft padded handle.

5 to 7 Ft Trampoline: Either you can set up this trampoline indoor or outdoor. Kids ages 4 and 5 years can use this trampoline. Most of them are placed in the garden corner but you can also set them inside for year-round fun.

Children, Teenagers Size of Trampoline

8 to 10 Ft Trampoline: This size allows versatile people to bounce on the trampoline bed. It provides a standard bounce that makes this great for kids and teenagers ages 6 to 12 years old. However, adults can use this sometimes.

Teenagers Trampoline Size

10 to 14 Ft Trampoline: For teenagers, this size works well. Actually, these trampolines give safe and even bounce for 6 to 16 years older children.

Gymnasts Trampoline Size

14 to 17 Ft Trampoline: Who love acrobatic jumping and gymnastic activity, this size fits them very much. It gives a higher bounce than many other trampolines. Kids and non-experienced shouldn’t allow jumping there.

Rebounders for Adults

Rebounder: Most seniors are concerned about the fitness or weight loss, for them rebounders are good options. If you haven’t enough time to go gym regularly, 10 minutes of rebounding in a day will give you more than 1-hour of exercise output. These small size rebounders are foldable that can be easily hidden in closets. If you want, you can also carry this exercise equipment on office or outdoor trips.

Trampoline Size Chart For Detail Trampoline Size Guide

Trampoline Size Who Can Use Where to Use Focused Feature Weight Limit
3 -5 ft mini-trampolines Toddlers and pre-schoolers Indoor Cushion bounce for fun  30+ kg
5 to 7 ft trampoline 4 and 5 years kids Indoor/outdoor Low-impact bounce  45+ kg
8 to 10 ft trampoline 6 to 12 years kids Outdoor Exercise + Fun  60+ kg
10 to 14 ft trampoline 6 to 16 years Outdoor Exercise + Fun  80+ kg
14 to 17 ft trampoline Teenagers and adults Outdoor Gymnastic purpose  120+ kg
Rebounder Adults Indoor Workouts  100+ kg

Every year lots of trampoline injuries take place. So never overlook the trampoline size in any way. Thus right size trampoline can play an important role to create a safe bounce platform for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trampoline Size Guide/Size Chart

How are spring numbers and trampoline size related?

A rule of thumb is, that the higher the spring number the larger the trampoline will be. Kids’ trampolines are designed with fewer springs for safety whereas gymnasts’ trampolines use plenty of springs for the higher bounce.

What sizes spring length come with trampolines?

Several common spring lengths are 3.5″, 4.5″, 5.5″, 6.5″, 7″, 8.5″, 10″, and a few more. Small trampolines use short springs whereas large trampolines have long springs. Usually, longer springs provide a higher bounce.

How high the frame and safety net should be?

Trampolines’ frame height varies from 2 to 3 ft. And enclosure nets are available for 6 to 9 ft high.

What is the best size trampoline for the family?

Whenever you plan to purchase a trampoline for your family, you should consider the backyard size. If you have a larger backyard and want to install the trampoline in the open sky go for a 12 ft or larger size trampoline. For medium size backyard, 12 ft trampoline is good and you can choose an 8 to 10 ft trampoline for a small backyard.

How big is a full-size trampoline?

A full-size outdoor trampoline size starts from 8 ft and it may go up to 17 ft. Usually, the average size of a trampoline is 12 ft.

What is the perfect size for Olympic trampolines?

Most Olympic trampolines sizes are 17 ft by 10 ft. There are some other available sizes of Olympic trampolines.

Which size trampoline is good for backyard use?

Usually, 12 ft or larger size is ideal for backyard fun. The bigger one allows family members to practice more trampoline tricks and have lots of fun on the same trampoline.

Final Thoughts

To get maximum bounce and fun, you should choose the right size trampoline. If you pick the wrong one, it may be hazardous. Luckily, after reading this trampoline size guide, you are now a master on the size of the trampoline. Now get the best trampoline size and enjoy safe trampolining!

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