7 Best JumpKing Trampoline Reviews: For JumpKing Lovers!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

JumpKing offers trampolines in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and prices. It is one of the topmost trampoline manufacturing brands in the market. If you want a compact and budget-friendly trampoline, JumpKing will provide you with better options. Again, if you are looking for heavy-duty trampolines with adequate size, you will have options.

Once you are sure about your requirement, you are good to go. In the below section, we have mentioned the best options for you while you are thinking about having a JumpKing trampoline. Hopefully, these JumpKing trampoline reviews will make you choose the perfect trampoline for your money.

Comparison Table of Best JumpKing Trampolines

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7 Best Jumpking Trampoline Reviews

JumpKing 10 x 15-Foot Trampoline Review

JumpKing-10-x-15-Foot-Rectangular-Trampoline-and-Enclosure-ComboThe JumpKing 10′ x 15′ Rectangular Combo comes with a specialized frame design to keep the jumpers safe. The frame and W-shaped legs are made from rust-resistant galvanized high-quality steel. They are built to provide long-lasting stability.

This trampoline is constructed perfectly to preserve the reputation of JumpKing. The W-shaped legs reduce the frame twisting and movement while in use. To enhance stability, welded T-connectors are used throughout the frame.

This JumpKing rectangular trampoline comes with heavy-duty galvanized springs. They are 108 in number and 7-inch in length. It has a weight limit of 220lbs. The jumping mat is made from heavy-duty polypropylene and UV protection.

So the durability and strength are assured. With this quality jumping mat and the rectangular shape, you will get a uniform perfect bounce each time you jump. This quality mat performs far better than other conventional mats.

This combo trampoline has a patented enclosure system to secure the jumpers as much as possible. The net is made from UV-treated polyethylene and has an L-shaped zipped door. The durable oversized safety pad is unique. It secures the springs and reduces the chances of injuries.

The trampoline comes with longer and more springs than most other trampolines. Quality materials are used for the construction. It can be a perfect choice for you and your kids. But the warranty time is not so outstanding. You will get a 1-year warranty for the frame and mat, 6-months for the pad, and 3-months for other components.


  • Meets the latest ASTM standards
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Longer and more springs
  • L shaped zipped door
  • Oversized safety pad


  • The warranty period is not so good
  • Instruction should be improved

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JumpKing 15′ Bounce N’ Dunk Trampoline & Enclosure Combo

JumpKing-15'-Bounce-N'-Dunk-Trampoline-&-Enclosure-Combo-with-Basketball-Hoop-GreenJumpKing 15′ bounce N’ Dunk trampoline will add the next level of fun while you are jumping with its basketball hoop. The hoop is ergonomically designed and comes with safety hook springs. Therefore, there is hardly any chance to be injured while dunking. With the package, you will get a basketball and a pump. In short, the fun level will be multiplied by this round trampoline.

This amazing 15ft trampoline will keep you busy and entertained for hours. And you don’t have to worry about the jumper’s safety with this trampoline. Since it is designed to fulfill all the latest ASTM standards. The trampoline has a weight limit of 200lbs. The jumping mat is UV-protected and made from heavy-duty polypropylene material.

The mat is sturdy enough to provide you with quality bounce for a longer time and assure strength and stability. To accompany this perfectly built mat, the trampoline features 96 springs. They are heavy-duty performers and galvanized. Each spring has a length of 5.5-inch.

The frame is built from heavy-duty galvanized steel and has welded T-sockets to provide stable support while jumping. Its durable 6 legs hold the trampoline with stability during the time of heavy use. The trampoline comes with a patented enclosure system that features easy access curved zipper door. The net is made from UV-treated polyethylene and features a safety clip lock.

The poles are angled to give maximum space for the jumpers. They have foam padding for added safety and comfort. The PVC-made spring cover perfectly secures the springs and removes the irritating in-between gap.

Your kids will enjoy this trampoline with much pleasure. They can jump and dunk simultaneously which is entertaining. If you are looking for a perfect Jumpking trampoline for kids and teenagers this model can be the best choice for you.


  • Meets the latest ASTM standards
  • Comes with a basketball hoop
  • Basketball and pump included
  • Safety hook springs
  • Durable legs


  • Instruction should be improved

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JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Galvanized Trampoline with Padded Enclosure

JumpKing-7-x-10-Foot-Rectangular-Galvanized-Trampoline-with-Padded-EnclosureJumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Rectangular Trampoline is a perfect option for those who have limited space in their backyards. This compact-sized high-quality trampoline is designed to keep your kids busy and healthy in a fun-loving way. It has a weight limit of 200lbs and features a quality jumping surface made from polypropylene. Your kids will burn off some energy when they are jumping on this quality mat.

This optimum-sized trampoline has 60 springs and they are 7-inch long. They are made from galvanized steel and assure rust-resistant performance. With the little size, these springs along with the jumping mat provide you with increased bounce. An environmentally friendly safety pad covers the springs and protects them from moisture and other harmful elements.

The trampoline comes with a patented enclosure system. The net is built from quality polyethylene to keep the jumpers safe. It has an easy access door so that the jumpers can easily get in and out.

Though the trampoline is compact yet it has all the materials of a larger trampoline. The legs are designed to support it during heavy jumps. The frame is built from galvanized steel to prevent rusting and assure strength. This amazing trampoline will perfectly fit in your smaller backyard and at the same time, it will keep your kids active with great security.


  • Best compact JumpKing trampoline
  • Great for smaller yards
  • Easy access door
  • Sturdy construction


  • Zipper quality should be improved
  • Not perfect for large yards

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JumpKing 10 Foot Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure

JumpKing 10 Foot Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net EnclosureJumpKing 10 Foot Round Trampoline is great for kids and teenagers. With this outdoor trampoline, you can keep your little ones busy and happy for hours. Though the size is 10ft, you will get 78 square feet of jumping surface. The trampoline has a weight limit of 200lbs. The frame is built from quality galvanized steel and sturdy enough to give the trampoline a strong base.

It has a total of 56 springs that are 5.5-inch long. They are made from galvanized steel and tightly coiled. The springs are smaller and their number is less than others. But there is no compromise with the bounce. Since this is round in shape, you will get a high bounce while jumping in the center area. The mat is UV treated and made from quality polypropylene. A thick spring pad covers the springs and enhances overall safety.

This JumpKing round trampoline comes with a patented enclosure system. The safety net is made from premium quality mesh and secures your kids while they are jumping inside. The net has a dual closure system with zippers and buckles. Therefore, jumpers can easily get in and out. The net is attached to four poles. Each of them is padded with foam for extra support and safety for the jumpers.

If you are looking for a compact round JumpKing trampoline for your kids and teenagers, this 10ft quality trampoline can be the solution for you. It will easily fit in your backyards.


  • Great for kids and teenagers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dual closure system
  • Perfect for outdoor


  • The enclosure zipper should be improved
  • Installation may take some time

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JumpKing Mini Oval Trampoline with Green Pad

JumpKing-Mini-Oval-Trampoline-with-Green-PadJumpKing Mini Oval Trampoline is designed for your beloved youngsters. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The frame is built from galvanized steel and has welded T-connectors to assure stability while it is in use. It has a weight limit of 110lbs. The durable 4 legs reduce frame movement while kids are jumping on them.

The heavy-duty jumping mat is made from UV-treated polypropylene to assure strength and durability. For better balance and safety, the trampoline features 2 handrails. Each of them is padded with foam to provide cushioned protection. To accompany the quality jumping mat and provide quality bounce like the water trampoline each time the kids jump, the trampoline has 36 springs and its length is 3.5-inch. The heavy-duty springs are made from galvanized steel.

A green safety pad covers the springs and prevents the jumpers from possible injuries. It comes with mounting straps to be easily secured. The pad has an attractive pattern with animals printed on it which adds another dimension to the fun of the jumpers.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable and compact
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • Great for youngsters


  • Assembly may take some time

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JumpKing 15ft Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure

JumpKing-Outdoor-Trampoline-and-Safety-Net-EnclosureJumpKing 15ft Trampoline is the larger version of the previously mentioned 10ft JumpKing round trampoline. It has more weight limits and comes with more springs. The weight limit is at least 250lbs. That means you can put more weight on the trampoline if you are lucky enough with your 15ft round trampoline.

This trampoline comes with 96 springs and they are 5.5-inch long. Each spring is made from galvanized steel and is rust-resistant. The frame is also made from galvanized steel. The mat is UV-protected and perfect for providing quality bounce each time. The 10ft model is mainly designed for kids and teenagers while this 15ft model is perfect for adults.

The patented enclosure system features a well-made net from premium materials. The net has dual closure with a zipper and buckles. So the jumpers can easily get access to the jumping mat and come out. The number of poles is also more with this trampoline.

It has a total of 6 poles that are padded with foam. So extra comfort and safety are assured. A quality spring pad covers the springs and protects them from moisture. The pad is made from thick material.

The 15ft round trampoline is designed to assure safety and fun for the jumpers. It will never limit your visibility and comes with an easy-to-put-together unique top rail system.


  • Strong enclosure system
  • Heavy-duty springs
  • Easy assemble netting
  • A large number of springs


  • Pricey

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Jumpking 14′ Trampoline Combo with Safety Enclosure

Jumpking-14'-Trampoline-Combo-for-Kids-and-Adults-with-Safety-EnclosureJumpking 14′ Trampoline Combo for Kids and Adults is designed to be a perfect combo for your beautiful backyard. It has a 40% more bouncing area than other smaller trampolines. This trampoline can provide an amazing jumping experience for advanced jumpers who love trampoline tricks and is built to assure quality and strength.

This trampoline has a unique feature which is a spinner flash Litez. You can easily assemble it beneath the trampoline. The Litez helps kids for playing for a longer time.

The frame is built from heavy-duty galvanized steel and gives the trampoline a stronghold. A unique Tri-layer connector is used for the assembly. This latest technology T-connector assures more safety and easier assembly. The trampoline has 72 springs that are 5.5-inch long. They are made from galvanized steel to assure rust-resistant performance. A high-quality spring pad covers the springs and prevents them from harmful material.

The UV-protected sturdy mat is made from quality material. It is designed to provide you with optimum bounce each time you jump. It has a patented G3 safety enclosure system which is very easy to assemble and disassemble your trampoline. The square joint systems assure that the curved top rail never rolls whenever you are jumping. All the poles are padded with thick foam and curved to some extent. With this trampoline, you will get a 1-year warranty for all parts.


  • 40% more bouncing area
  • G3 enclosure system
  • High-quality springs
  • Oversized spring pad


  • Springs may make some noise

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Things You Need to Consider for Best JumpKing Trampolines

Best Jumpking Trampoline ReviewsJumpKing Trampolines like other top-notch trampoline brands are designed to provide maximum safety and great bounce. Once you have made it final to have a perfect JumpKing trampoline, you should check certain facts before choosing any of the JumpKing trampolines.

Size of JumpKing Trampolines

Trampolines are available in various shapes and sizes. The size you can choose depends on the available size of the backyard. If there is enough space, you should choose a larger model. Otherwise, you have to choose the smaller ones. JumpKing trampolines are available in 10ft, 14ft, and 15t sizes. You can choose any of them that meet your requirement best.


Trampoline shapes matter a lot. Different shaped trampolines work differently. Round trampolines are very common and most favorite among people. These trampolines always direct jumpers to the center area. Therefore, jumpers remain safe from landing on the edge. At the same time, you can’t allow multiple jumpers on round trampolines. Since there is a chance of collision.

On the other hand, trampolines with rectangular shape, offer uniform bounce all over the jumping mat and never drags jumpers to the center area. Therefore, multiple jumpers may be allowed with these trampolines. But to be honest, you should never allow more than one jumper.

You can also find square-shaped trampolines, oval trampolines, etc. Square trampolines are great for kids and intermediate jumpers. Round trampolines are good for beginners and rectangular trampolines are designed for health-conscious people like gymnasts, athletes, etc.

Construction of Jumpking Trampolines

Most of the trampolines are outdoor here. So you have to take care of the frame and springs. Both of them should be built from galvanized steel to be rust-resistant. This way they can endure the rough weather exposure. The frame tube should have enough thickness and the springs should be tightly coiled. Also, consider the number and length of the springs. A longer and more number of springs is better if you can afford them. They will assure great bounce. There is also a unique in-ground type trampoline that is really fun to have.

The jumping mat should be made from polypropylene or other quality material. It should be UV-protected and tightly sewn. You should never compromise with the mat quality. Poor quality mat will tear very soon.

Enclosure Net of JumpKing

While buying any JumpKing Trampoline from a good place you should choose one that comes with an enclosure net. It is a must for better safety. The safety net secures the jumpers while they are jumping and prevent them from falling to the ground. Every net of the JumpKing trampoline is made from quality material like polyethylene. They are well built and never limit your visibility like other well-known brands i.e. Propel trampoline.

The closing system is also an important part. Some have dual zippers; some have buckles while some have both of them. So check what type of closing system your chosen model has. The closing system should be sturdy and easy to use. You don’t want something that is below standard or irritating to use.

Weight Limit

The weight limit defines how much weight a trampoline will allow while it is in use. You will find that most of the JumpKing trampolines have a weight limit of 200-250lbs. If you are looking for trampolines for all your family members go for the trampoline with a higher weight limit. This way, adults will be able to jump on it as well. Otherwise, if you are looking for dedicated trampolines for adults, you will have to invest more.

Bonus Accessories

Very few JumpKing trampolines offer bonus materials with the package. The materials may include a basketball, hoop, and pump. Everybody likes bonus items with the basic package. So try to choose one model that has some bonus materials.

Price and Warranty

Warranty support is great to save you from panic and hassle. Before buying any model, check its warranty period. Different models may vary with their warranty time. Again, different parts of the trampolines may have different warranty support.

Generally, larger trampolines cost much more than smaller ones. So choose according to your limit. But try to invest in a good trampoline. Quality trampolines will accompany you for a longer time.

Pros and Cons of JumpKing Trampoline

Like other products, JumpKing trampolines have good and bad sides. These are-


  • Available in a variety of shapes and types
  • Durable materials used
  • Great bouncing
  • Worth the money


  • Mixed reports on setting up difficulty
  • Some of them are quite expensive
  • The warranty should be developed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JumpKing a good trampoline brand?

Yes, JumpKing is a good brand for trampoline lovers. But we aren’t claiming that JumpKing is the only trampoline brand that provides great bouncing.

Where are JumpKing trampolines made?

JumpKing headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. In 2004, YJ Corporation owned JumpKing and continued trampoline manufacturing.

What is the height of the JumpKing trampoline?

Most JumpKing trampolines are almost 3 ft tall from the ground. So kids can easily climb the bed without any problem. Moreover, many models come with access ladders.

Is JumpKing basketball hoop worth the money?

JumpKing basketball hoops and goals are very popular. Their quality makes them great to have for basketball and soccer play.

Where to buy JumpKing trampoline parts?

We always recommend buying from Amazon at a discount price. You can purchase JumpKing trampoline parts from amazon reliably.

Final Say about Jumpking Trampoline

After going through our JumpKing trampoline reviews, you will hopefully know which model will serve the best. And then go for that one model. No matter how much quality trampoline you have, if you don’t clean your trampolines, they will wear and tear with time. So while investing in a good trampoline, make sure to take proper steps for its maintenance.

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