How to Clean a Trampoline: Keep Your Trampoline Well-Maintained!

Last Updated on August 28, 2021

Have you wondered how to clean a trampoline? Well, we are here to guide you on that topic. Cleaning a trampoline needn’t be a hard endeavor, it’s actually simple. Over time dirt, dust, lichen, sap, and different debris will accumulate and make the trampoline dirty. So, you need to clean it occasionally to make it shiny, well-performing, and long-lasting.

In this article, you will learn how to clean your trampoline. So, stay with us!

How to Clean a Trampoline

How to Clean a TrampolineThere are various trampolines and various sizes that you have one of those. So, we will be discussing here the cleaning processes of all kinds in general to assist all of you. According to trampolines types, or seasons, their cleaning processes may vary a little. Let’s know about the cleaning process of trampolines!

Necessary Kits For Trampoline Cleaning

Trampoline cleaning is easy, even kids can do it as a DIY project for their trampolines. Before start cleaning, you need to round up some equipment to clean your trampoline. Here are the lists:

  • A long handle push broom for sweeping
  • Soft Scrubbing brushes
  • A bucket filled with warm soapy water
  • Car wash or hose for soaking and rinsing
  • Clean towels for drying the trampoline
  • Salt and lemon for making a paste for rust removing
  • A soft toothbrush
  • Grease or petroleum jelly

Cleaning The Spring Based Trampolines

Spring-based trampolines are mostly used trampolines. You need to clean the mat, springs, frame, enclosure net, pad individually to clean these trampolines. By the way, we’ll guide you step by step.

How to Clean Trampoline Mat

Trampoline mat cleaning is very important. A dirty mat can be a cause of health hazards. Usually, the mat gathers leaves, dust, bird droppings, black residues, and much more junk.  So, how to clean bird poop off a trampoline or black residue off from trampoline mat and other debris? Don’t worry, you can clean the mat easily by adopting the following steps.

1. Sweep

Sweep the mat with the trampoline broom and remove leaves, dust as much you can do.

3. Soak The Mat

Rinse the trampoline mat with plain water to prepare the mat for cleaning. You can use a garden hose or bucket in this case.

3. Make Soapy Solution

Make a soapy solution by adding the necessary soap or detergents into the bucket filled with warm water.

4. Scrub The Mat With Scrubber

After that, spray soapy water to the mat and soak it completely or you can dip the soft scrubber brush into the soapy bucket and scrub the trampoline mat until the black residue is removed totally.

5. Rinse Again

Rinse the bouncing mat again with fresh water from the hose until washing all the soap bubbles.

6. Dry The Mat

Finally, dry the trampoline mat nicely with a towel and keep it to sunshine for a while. Make sure the surface is cleaned completely.

How to Clean a Trampoline Spring and Frame

Trampoline frame and springs are essential elements that provide a great lifespan for this sport. It is truer for a quality gymnastics trampoline. Most of the trampoline’s frame and springs are made of rust-resistant steel. But, they can be rusty and decline their elasticity over time. So, cleaning these parts can improve their longevity and performance.

If there is no rust in the springs and frame you can easily clean them by applying the mat cleaning steps. Importantly make sure, you dry these parts completely otherwise, rust may form soon. But how do you clean them, if there is rust?

When you want to clean rusts from the springs, you should detach them from the mat. Because chemicals used in this case may damage the mat. During inspecting, mark the springs that are affected by rust. Some easy steps can make your rusty springs healthy.

  • Mix a cup of salt and juice of limes or lemons in a bowl. Make a rust-resistant paste mixing them well. You can also use rust-resistant sprays available in the market.
  • Apply this lemon paste to the eroded springs with a wooden tongue depressor and leave them for a couple of hours.
  • Use an old toothbrush to scrub off the paste and rust everywhere of the affected springs.
  • After that, rinse the springs with the hose and dry them in the open air and sun.
  • After drying is done, apply petroleum jelly to keep them greased to prevent forming rust further.

How to Clean Trampoline Pad

Trampoline pads cover the springs and protect yourself from hurting by springs. It also gives you a cushioned touch. They are not as elastic as the mat. But their cleaning process is almost the same. While cleaning the pad you need to focus on the area where the pad connects the springs because most of the dirt accumulates here.

How to Clean Trampoline Safety Net and Ladder

The trampoline safety net protects you from falling outside the trampoline. You can be hurt by bouncing out of the trampoline even when you are using a good square trampoline or a rectangular one because of the uniform bouncing characteristics. So, you need to clean it for your own interest. You can clean the net by hand, taking it down, but it’s time-consuming. You can easily clean it by high-pressure water pushing the car hose within minutes. In the same process, you can clean the ladder. If there is rust formed in the ladder, sprinkle rust-resistant spray on it.

Cleaning The Springfree Trampolines

Springfree trampolines cleaning are easier than the spring-based trampoline. As there are no springs, so no need to clean the most critical part i.e. springs. The jumping surface and net cleaning processes are the same as the spring-based trampoline.

The springless framework and rods of the trampoline can be simply cleaned by a scrubber and soapy warm water. After removing all the dirt by scrubbing, rinse with the garden hose, and finally dry the metal frame with the towel. Spray rust-resistant while needed.

Cleaning The In-Ground Trampolines

The in-ground trampoline, which is one of the first types in the history of the trampoline, cleaning isn’t a special process but there are some dissimilarities with regular trampoline cleaning.

  • Firstly, you need to sweep the mat nicely with the broom. Make sure, no dust or debris falls into the springs.
  • Make the mat surface wet with soapy warm water.
  • If you are confirmed, the mat is wet enough then start scrubbing with the bristle brush until you clean black residue and all oily elements from the mat surface.
  • Rinse the mat and make the mat dry in the sun.

If there are any holes or tears in the mat, take action to solve them as soon as possible. The enclosure net can be easily clean with the hose. Also, you need to inspect the springs occasionally, if you found any fault resolve necessarily.

Cleaning The Water Trampolines

Water trampolines are one of the top-notch recreational trampolining activities. To use this trampoline for longer times, you should always clean them especially the jumping surface. If dirt, mold, or any other strains grow it will shorten the overall lifespan and you can’t enjoy trampolining exactly.

You will get water trampoline cleaning liquids in the market which help to clean the trampoline. This liquid removes scuffs, oil, chalking, oxidation, stains, bird dropping, and more. If you haven’t any trampoline cleaning liquid then you can use mild soap for cleaning.

You should also clean the ladder, inflatable tube, D-rings, and all other parts of the water trampoline occasionally. It will enhance your safety and fun. To have an idea of your trampoline size, measure it first to get a proper idea of how much cleaning material you may need.

Cleaning Trampoline Parks

The trampoline parks need to maintain and keep cleaning more than the family trampolines. Many people use these parks’ trampolines every day, so it’s a matter of concern about public health and safety. While cleaning a family trampoline once a month seems well but workers have to clean parks trampolines daily.

Usually, staffs use anti-bacterial sprays to protect users from germs. Many people especially children suffer from allergies. So trampoline parks need to be placed in the area where air flows all time. Some parks trampolines recommend sock wearing for users while jumping to reduce the risks of skin-related diseases.

Cleaning Trampoline At Winter, Rain, and Strom

Trampoline cleaning and maintenance are important in winter or after a storm has occurred. Leaving off the trampoline outside in these situations needs cleaning. Nowadays, different trampoline cleaning services are also available.

In the winter snow accumulates, so you need to clean the trampoline regularly. Otherwise, the mat or springs might be useless in the heavy stressing of snow. To clear snow off from the trampoline, it is recommended to use a soft broom. Never use a shovel, hard broom, or sharp tools for snow clearing. It may damage the mat heavily. After cleaning the snow do dry the trampoline in sun.

After rain or storm, you should also clean the trampoline. You can simply sweep the trampoline and make it clean. If the mat is wet use a towel to make it dry. Sometimes, your trampoline parts may be damaged. In this case, repair these parts as soon as possible.

Avoid These Things While Cleaning

Although trampoline cleaning is easy, you need to consider few things for successful cleaning. These include-

  • Don’t take anything sharp while cleaning. It may harm your trampoline.
  • If the weather is cloudy or rainy don’t clean then. It will be difficult for you to dry the trampoline then.
  • Don’t use a firm bristle’s scrubber. It may damage your trampoline.
  • Avoid using chemicals for cleaning trampolines. Such cleaners could damage the trampoline canvas. If the manufacturer recommends any chemical, you can use this only.
  • Don’t stand on the mat after adding soapy water. The slick mat might hurt you.
  • Don’t rub too much the mat, it may weaken its materials.

Ending Words

After learning how to clean a trampoline it’s time for you to practice. Make a schedule and collect the necessary things and finally assign someone or do it as a DIY project like a recycle trampoline of an old one. Even kids can do this, but you need to educate them first. Although, cleaning a trampoline is simple, but you need to do this frequently for making your trampoline shiny and long-lasting.

It’s important to inspect the trampoline weekly or monthly basis. If you find dirt or any defects, resolve them for safety purposes. The clean trampoline gives a safe and high-performing bounce. When your trampoline gets dirty and gunky, don’t be late. Just follow the instructions discussed here and keep cleaning the trampoline.

Keep in mind, trampoline cleaning is not only a cleaning method but also an investment.

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