Best Propel Trampoline Reviews: 5 Top-Rated Propel Trampolines!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

The Propel trampolines are worth trying because of their great affordable price and number of accessories. These trampolines are designed to fulfill indoor and outdoor activities. If you are not an advanced jumper and looking for a budget-friendly trampoline for you and your family, then Propel trampolines can certainly be your perfect choice.

To ease the job of selecting the perfect Propel trampoline, we have shortlisted the best Propel trampolines. After going through the Propel trampoline reviews, you will know whether they are the best fit for you or not. We will also mention their uniqueness and available accessories to help you decide easily.

Comparison Table of Best Propel Trampolines

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5 Best Propel Trampoline Reviews

Propel 7ft Indoor/Outdoor Round Trampoline Review

Propel-Trampolines-Indoor-Outdoor-Trampoline-with-EnclosurePropel 7ft Round Trampoline is perfectly designed both for indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it is a bright sunny day, a cool refreshing afternoon or just after school, you along with your kids will surely enjoy jumping on this trampoline. This compact round Propel trampoline comes with high-quality galvanized springs and they are 40 in number. They are designed to provide a smooth bounce each time you jump. The enjoyment is further enhanced with the Jump-N-Jam basketball system.

This Propel trampoline features a great absorbent response system. Its 86-inch tall enclosure is attached with the four poles using high-strength bungee. As a result, whenever jumpers hit the enclosure they will receive a soft but sturdy response. So utmost safety is assured in all aspects. The poles are padded with quality foam all along. They feed through the thick P7D-YB safety pad and hold it in place. For this reason, the safety pad is called the “Sure Lock Safety Pad”.

The galvanized steel frame comes with an advanced T bracket system to be protected from twisting. The T brackets are locked with the 4 legs to assure better stability and great absorbent response. This compact trampoline has a weight limit of 150 lbs.


  • Perfect for shorter space
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Great for kids
  • Sure-Lock safety pad
  • Best pick propel trampoline
  • Impact absorbent response
  • Basketball hoop included


  • Not for heavy-duty use

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Propel 14ft Round Trampoline Review

Propel-Trampolines-P14D-BE-Trampoline-with-Enclosure,-14'-Round,-BluePropel 14ft Round Trampoline offers a wider jumping surface and more weight limit than the 7ft round one. It has a weight limit of 275 lbs. and therefore, can tolerate multiple jumpers at the same time. It has more padded poles and springs than the previous one. To withhold the weight, the trampoline comes with 72 springs. They are made from high-quality galvanized steel. The trampoline frame is also built from quality steel to keep the trampoline in place.

To ensure better safety for the jumpers, a thick blue safety pad covers the springs. There are 6 padded poles to attach the safety enclosure net. High strength bungee system is used to attach the net with the poles. Therefore, in case of unwanted landing on the net, the jumpers will get a smooth push-back experience instead of a hard punch. This amazing feature is hardly found with other regular trampolines.

The frame is further strengthened with the premium T brackets. These brackets are easy to assemble and designed for better stability. They prevent the frame from twisting. This Propel trampoline is designed for both adults and kids and has a perfect weight limit.


  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • Great weight limit
  • Bungee attachment for the net
  • Premium T brackets
  • High-end propel trampoline


  • The ladder is not included

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Propel 55-inch Junior Trampoline with Enclosure

Propel-Trampolines-PTS55-RE-Junior-Trampoline-with-Enclosure,-55,-RedPropel Junior Trampoline is designed to provide the ultimate safety for your little ones. It has used 30 heavy-duty bungees to provide an unmatched jumping experience instead of traditional risky springs. Therefore, you will have to never worry about your kids while they are jumping on it. This elegant red trampoline attracts the kids and secures perfectly with its soft durable enclosure net.

The poles are padded accordingly so that little kids don’t get hurt even if they accidentally land over them. The net is attached to the poles and jumping mat. Therefore, your kids will be saved from falling off the trampoline. This preschool trampoline has a weight limit of 100 lbs.

Your kids can use this trampoline for indoor and outdoor fun. You can take it and place it almost anywhere you want. It comes with a base net to prevent any objects or other kids from getting under the trampoline. Thus all possibilities of accidents are minimized. This preschool Propel trampoline will provide your little ones with a fun way to remain healthy and active.


  • Great preschool trampoline
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Safe for little ones
  • Free from springs
  • Best budget propel trampoline
  • Base net attached


  • The instruction manual should be improved
  • The frame may seem not so sturdy

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Propel 15ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure and Anchor Kit

Propel-Trampolines-15ft-Trampoline-with-Enclosure-and-Anchor-KitPropel 15ft Round Trampoline is the largest one on our list. It has a weight limit of 300 lbs. To provide a perfect bouncing experience with such a weight limit, the trampoline comes with 108 springs. Each of them is made from high-quality galvanized steel. The frame is made sturdy enough to support the jumpers perfectly. The safety net is made from quality material and attached to 6 poles. The poles are padded with foam and angled on the top to provide the jumpers with more space and flexibility.

This 15ft large trampoline provides a wider jumping surface than other traditional trampolines. It comes with anchor kits so that you can install and keep the trampoline in your backyard easily. This trampoline will enhance the beauty of your large backyard.

The trampoline is fit to accommodate both adults and kids. To enhance the overall safety, a red-colored thick safety pad is used to cover the springs. The six legs are sturdy enough to hold the trampoline in its place. If you are looking for a large trampoline that will entertain both the big and little ones, you can try this Propel 15ft round trampoline.


  • Larger trampoline
  • Wider jumping surface
  • More springs than others
  • Great weight limit
  • Perfect for adults and kids


  • Instruction should be improved

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Propel 38-Inch Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

Propel-Trampolines-Rebounder-Fitness-Trampoline,-Red,-38-InchPropel 38-inch Rebounder Trampoline assures fitness, fun, and safety at the same time. You can use this trampoline anywhere you like even in your bedroom. And this rebounder will never disappoint you in terms of fitness. After use, you can easily store it under your bed. It is lightweight and you can easily move it here and there. This rebounder comes with 32 metal springs so that you can have a smooth low impact workout experience.

It has a weight limit of 250 lbs. The mat is 38-inch in diameter. So you will never run out of space while jumping on it. A red-colored pad cover perfectly hides the springs and enhances overall safety. This Propel rebounder is designed to ensure you a great joyful way to keep you in shape. This rebounder can be your perfect replacement for a gymnastic trampoline.


  • Space friendly
  • Easy to move
  • Great for fitness
  • Wider surface
  • Enough number of springs


  • Lifespan may be short for some cases

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How to Find the Perfect Propel Trampoline?

Best Propel trampoline reviewsSince you are a trampoline enthusiast you already know there are various trampoline brands. And each brand provides a range of products. The same thing goes for Propel trampolines. In the above review section, we have listed medium to large trampolines, rebounders, and preschool trampolines. Hopefully, you will find the perfect one from them. But we would like you to check the following things before you buy any trampoline at any time.

Construction of Propel Trampolines

The overall construction of the trampoline must be sturdy enough to provide great safety and flexibility. The frame should be made from quality steel. The steel must be galvanized so that it can be protected from rust. You should check the joint settings since weak joints will fall apart soon. The frame strength of larger trampolines must be better than that of smaller trampolines. So check carefully. The frame is the single most important part that holds the whole piece.

Shape and Size

Most of the propel trampolines are round. So there is nothing much to check about the shapes. But you will get several options in case of sizes. There are 7ft, 14ft, and 15ft sized Propel trampolines available. And you will also get indoor options as well. Propel also provides rebounders and preschool trampolines. So you will need to choose according to your necessity. If you haven’t much space in the backyard or simply want an indoor trampoline you can go for the 7ft model.

The 14ft model is great for both kids and adults. Preschool trampolines are only made for your little ones. And rebounders are dedicated to your fitness. Once you are sure which model you need for your purpose, the whole buying process becomes very easy.

Weight Limit

Different trampolines have different weight limits. Larger trampolines have more weight limits than smaller ones. You will find Propel trampolines with various weight limits like 150lbs, 275lbs, 100lbs, 300lbs, 250lbs, and so on. If you are buying Propel trampolines for your kids, then a moderate weight limit will do. For adults, you need to choose the model with enough weight limit. That can be from 275-300lbs. The weight limit defines what the highest weight is that the trampoline can bear. So never cross that limit.

Spring Number

While buying any Propel trampoline you should pay attention to the number of springs. With more springs you will get a better bounce. The spring number increases with the weight limit. Propel trampolines are available with 40 springs, 72 springs, 30 springs, 108 springs, 32 springs, and so on. Once you know the size of your required trampoline the number of springs will be fixed automatically.

Spring Quality

With the spring number, you should also check the spring quality. Since they are mainly responsible for the quality bounce, they must be made from quality steel. For outdoor trampolines, galvanized springs are a must. Otherwise, rust will occur very soon and the springs will fall apart. So keep in mind the fact while buying your desired Propel trampoline.


There is a risk of falling off while you are jumping on a trampoline. But the risk can be almost eradicated with a quality enclosure. Any Propel trampoline you buy, there must be an enclosure net with it. It will prevent jumpers from potential injuries. The net should be made from quality material and tightly woven. It should be strong enough to support the jumpers in case of a wrong landing.

Padded Poles

The enclosure net is attached to several poles. You should check whether the poles are padded or not. Most of the quality manufacturers like JumpKing Trampoline, Springfree Trampoline, etc provide padded poles. Padded poles minimize the impact of wrong landing and protect the jumpers from being injured. The poles should be angled on the top to provide the jumpers with more space and flexibility.

Spring Pad

Most of the propel trampolines come with a spring pad. Spring pad plays a vital role to protect springs from rain, debris, and other harmful elements. They also cover the ugly gap between springs. You should check the spring pad color and thickness. A quality spring cover will protect the springs for a long period.

Available Accessories for Propel Trampoline

Propel trampolines beat others with their budget price and a wide range of accessories. In the following section, we will mention some of the accessories that are available and will add various dimensions to your Propel trampolines.

Weather Cover

Among all the available accessories for Propel trampoline, the weather cover is the possibly most important one. It will prevent the trampoline from sun, rain, storm, UV rays, and so on. But you can only use them when you are planning to leave the trampoline unused for a certain period. To install it you will have to remove the poles and net. Then you will just have to hook the cover with the frame securely. You can have weather cover for the 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft models.


The clubhouse is probably the most fun-loving accessory available for Propel trampolines. Your kids will never want to miss this facility. The clubhouse turns a trampoline into their castle. The name is self-explanatory. You can install the clubhouse using the existing poles without much hassle. The zippered closure allows your kids to easily open and close it. There are several windows to enhance the enjoyment of the jumpers. Overall the clubhouse is fully adjustable and adds great dimension to your Propel trampoline.

Anchor Kit

The anchor kit of Propel trampolines also fits with other trampolines. This kit is really helpful to keep the trampoline in place during strong wind or even in a storm. It resembles the wind stake with little difference. The kit includes an 18-inch galvanized steel stake with strong nylon straps. There are 3 stakes in the kit.


The DIY ladder helps you enter and leave the trampoline easily. You can easily fit the ladder with all sizes of Propel trampolines like 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. But it is not perfect for the rebounder and preschool trampolines.

Mister Kit

Mister kit is an interesting accessory for hot summer days. With this kit, you can easily cool up the temperature of the jumping mat up to 20-degrees. Therefore, you can have a comfortable jumping experience on sunny days. The kit is rust and UV-protected. You can fit this with the trampoline without any hassle. To save a couple of bucks you can buy a combo of ladder and mister kit.

Shade Cover

The shade cover may sound the same to you as the weather cover. But it is not the same. Shade cover can protect the jumpers and allow them to jump at the same time. It is available for the 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft models. It can be easily assembled with poles. The shade cover never hampers the cross airflow. That’s why it will help you protect the kids from the sun and allow them to jump in the sun without any worry.

Jump-n-Jam Basketball Hoop

This basketball hoop adds another dimension to the fun-loving part. It fits with all Propel trampolines. The hoop comes with a ball and a pump. It is quite flexible and easy to attach to the enclosure.

Spring Puller

Spring Puller is a handy tool to attach the springs with a frame and jumping mat. With this tool, you can easily and uniformly pull each spring and place it in the correct position. The tool comes very cheaply. Even you can use this tool for other jobs too.

Trampoline Accessory Kit

This kit consists of three things. A ladder, an anchor kit, and a shoe bag. You already know that the ladder fits with all the standard-sized Propel trampolines. Anchor kits help you hold the trampoline during heavy wind. The shoe bag is great to keep the belongings like wallets, jewelry, shoes, and mobiles of the jumpers while they are jumping on the trampoline.

Replacement Parts

With age, the springs and other parts of the Propel trampoline may fall apart. Unlike other traditional trampolines, all the parts are available and come at a budget price. Very few manufacturers can offer such facilities in the market. You can get the frame tube, springs, T brackets, leg piece, jumping mat, safety pad, enclosures, and other replaceable parts as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Propel trampoline win over other brands?

If we compare Propel vs Skywalker the main difference is found in the price. Most Propel trampolines are available from $50 to $500 whereas Skywalker runs between $200 to $700. So Propel provides budget choice purchases.

Both Propel and Sportspower trampolines preschool models are almost the same in price. However, Sportspower provides more padding than Propel trampoline. Propel preschool uses bungee ropes instead of springs that eliminate the chance of occurring accidents. Moreover, Propel provides lots of accessories than Sportspower.

Also, see the difference between Zupapa and Skywalker trampolines.

How to set up a Propel trampoline?

All the best Propel trampolines come with a setup manual. Before starting installation read the whole guidelines and follow them accordingly to put together any tramp.

Are Propel trampolines bouncy?

Yes, Propel claims that their trampolines are bouncy enough. The high number of springs and quality jumping beds ensure good bounce.

What is the best feature of Propel trampoline that you love most?

The accessories of Propel trampoline are the most appealing features. There are very few trampoline brands that offer such varieties of accessories as Propel trampoline.

Are Propel trampolines good quality?

The truth is Propel is not the best available trampoline on the market. Although, Propel maintains the basic safety things still some customers report dissatisfaction. On overall consideration, Propel trampoline is decent at a decent price.

Final Words

Propel trampolines are the best match for those who are looking for satisfactory quality within a budget price. In our Propel trampoline reviews, we have picked the best ones. If you choose one from them, you will never regret it. But you are never limited to your suggestion only. You can always try your luck with other available options.

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