7 Best Water Trampolines & Bouncers Reviews for Water Trampoline Lovers!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

You can enjoy the summer wholeheartedly with the best water trampolines and bouncers. You may wonder whether you need a water trampoline or a water bouncer. Again you may not be aware of the differences between them. Whatever be the case, we are here to introduce you to the top-rated water trampolines and bouncers along with a compact discussion on their basics and differences. Once you go through them, you will find yourself confident enough to buy a perfect water bouncer or trampoline to enjoy the summer greatly.

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7 Best Water Trampolines and Bouncers Reviews

RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer Review

RAVE-Sports-O-Zone-Plus-Water-BouncerRave Sports O-Zone Plus can be the best water bouncer for your family. And it can be the perfect starter for your young children. This water bouncer is available in 5 ft and 7ft. You can choose either one model with or without a slide.

It is made with high-quality 28 gauge PVC and sturdy enough to hold up to three jumpers. The surface area varies depending on the size. These springless O-Zones are really lightweight and portable enough to be set up on any water outing.

The optional O-Zone slide is a great addition. If you buy the model with a slide, you and your kids can have great fun while climbing and sliding for hours. And don’t worry about your kid’s safety. You can have grab lines around the perimeter for kids to find their way back to the platform.

This bouncer can accompany you wherever there can be water and takes only minutes to inflate and get on the water. For added safety, you will find soft vinyl handles on the platform as well as on the bouncer and slide. So falling off becomes more manageable.

The bouncer comes with an Oasis lounger attachment which enables great fun and relaxation for adults. While relaxing in this lounge you can easily observe your kids playing on the bouncer. But one thing to keep in mind is that you have to buy this additionally.

This O-Zone bouncer is designed to provide the utmost safety for kids. The EZ boarding platform is designed especially for kids. The added platform with the bouncer comes with two handles and enables even low-profile kids of all ages to easily get on the bouncer and enjoy it.


  • Sturdy construction and durable
  • Optional slide available
  • Lightweight and portable
  • My best pick water trampoline
  • Vinyl handles for extra safety
  • Great for kids and adults
  • 1-year manufacturer defect warranty


  • Bounce quality is not so great
  • After-sales service should be improved

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Island Hopper 13′ Bounce N Splash Padded Best Water Bouncer

Island-Hopper-13'-Bounce-N-Splash-Padded-Water-BouncerIsland Hopper 13ft Padded water bouncer is designed to assure hard use and great durability. To assure heavy-duty safe use 1000 denier PVC material is used for the construction. An exclusive foam-padded perimeter comes with this bouncer which is 1/2 inch thick. Therefore, ultimate comfort and safety are assured. The springless interlaced nylon webbing design looks great and you will resist bouncing on it.

This high-end bouncer comes with a 10ft jumping surface and a 26-inch tall tube off the water. Due to its tube flex feature, you will enjoy a sturdy bouncing effect almost like a trampoline.

The manufacturer claims that this amazing bouncer inflates and deflates in not more than 10 minutes. Island Hopper water bouncer is designed to provide more portability than a trampoline. All these amazing features are backed by Aqua Sports Technology.

To provide great usability the water bouncer comes with 10 swimming-assisted handles. And you can secure the bouncer with its 6 high-quality anchor D rings. You need to enjoy the water bouncing greatly and for that purpose, you must be able to climb the bouncer as easily as possible. Island Hopper considers that fact and has put 4 steps easy to access the soft ladder with this bouncer.

You will notice that this water bouncer costs way more than other models on our list. But we think it is OK to be pricey with all those qualities. In fact, quality things come with a price. If the budget is not a problem for you, we will suggest you avail yourself of it. And you will get a 5-year limited warranty with this amazing bouncer.


  • Great for heavy use
  • Durable and portable
  • Best high-end water trampoline
  • Enough swimming handles
  • Anchor rings and soft ladder
  • Spacious jumping surface


  • Pricey

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Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline Series Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Popsport-Inflatable-Water-Trampoline-Series-Splash-Padded-Water-Bouncer-Inflatable-Bouncer-Jump-Water-TrampolinePopsport Inflatable Water Trampoline comes with a series of options. These options include different colors and various sizes. You can choose according to your liking. For instance, you can choose the Green/13ft model or blue+slide/10ft model or other ones.

This perfect water trampoline is made with eco-friendly 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin and assures durability, waterproof performance, and well resistance to fire, cold, heat, and aging.

Popsport Inflatable water trampoline is designed to accompany you to a satisfactory life. The water trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 400kg/880lb.

This top-rated water trampoline is designed to provide hassle-free movement and easy setup. It takes barely any time to set up and take down the trampoline whenever you need it. The firm grips of the handle allow you easy movement.

You can have multiple use options with this floating trampoline. Besides bouncing, you can use it as a swim platform, fishing platform, and even as a lounging place on the water.

You don’t have to worry about storing the trampoline while you are not using it. Once you deflate it, the trampoline becomes very small in volume and lightweight. Therefore, you can take it to the desired store place easily and remain relaxed about it. Easy access 4-step ladder comes attached to the trampoline. Using that ladder, you can easily climb up and down while using it as a swimming platform.

Popsport Inflatable water trampoline has passed the safety standards including the SGS certification and EN71-1-2-3 test and flame retardant conforms to 855852 standards. With wide applications, this trampoline assures safety for both kids and adults.


  • Perfect water trampoline
  • Meets safety standards
  • Built with eco-friendly material
  • Easy to set up
  • Best budget water trampoline
  • Greatly portable and lightweight
  • Comes with an easy access ladder


  • Not all models come with the ladder

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Rave Bongo Best Water Bouncer

Rave-Bongo-Water-BouncerRave Bongo 13ft Water Bouncer is perfect for both kids and adults. It allows two adults or four kids at a single time. Bongo bouncers are great for laying, lounging, and using as a swimming platform. But one thing you should know, water bouncers do not provide the same jumping experience as that of a water trampoline.

To provide easy setup and great usability this bouncer comes with a single inflation valve which makes it really easy to inflate. And Rave Sports has designed its high power inflator/deflator which you can avail of separately.

Bongo water bouncers connect the jumping surface directly with the inflatable tube with interlacing nylon rope. Therefore, it becomes very lightweight and easy to set up and move around.

Besides, the bouncer inflates in minutes. To keep the bouncer in place, it is better to use an anchor of 35-45 pounds attached to the included anchor connecting ropes. You can easily do that following the included manual.

Bongo water bouncers are made with the best quality commercial-grade materials and engineering capabilities. They are built to last for a long time. The jumping surface is durable in salt-water and rust-prone environments.

Yet something worse happens, you can replace the jumping surface. Once you have this bouncer you can easily keep the fun going and increasing with additional add-on attachments offered by Rave Sports.


  • Easy to set up
  • Built with sturdy materials
  • Best water bouncer
  • Additional accessories available
  • Reinforced Commercial PVC Construction


  • Less bouncy than water trampolines

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Rave Eclipse AJ-120 Water Trampoline Review

Rave-Eclipse-AJ-120-TrampolineRave Eclipse AJ-120 Trampoline is one of the classic inflatable trampolines and is designed to fit every family’s size and budget. You will get a maximum jump with this trampoline. The black nylon webbing jump surface is attached to the inflatable tube using metal springs.

In fact, you will have more jumping effects than traditional water bouncers. You will need very little time to set up and place the trampoline on the water and enjoy jumping and splashing.

This water trampoline is built with commercial-grade highly durable materials. The Rave Eclipse trampoline is perfect for two adults or four children at a time. With this water trampoline, you will get 30% more jumping space than other ones.

Therefore, you will enjoy great bounce with adequate space. In order to enable you to set up the trampoline easily for fun trampoline tricks, Rave offers multiple videos, tutorials, and blogs to present the guidelines step by step.

To add a next-level dimension to your fun and joy, the trampoline comes with a durable 3-step ladder. Therefore you and your kids can easily climb up and down the water trampoline. And, to keep on growing the fun to an ultimate level you can also think about numerous add-ons offered by the Rave.

With this perfect water trampoline, you will get a high-speed inflator/deflator along with an anchor connector kit. This water trampoline may cost much more than others. But considering the package, you will not regret the price.


  • One of the classical trampolines
  • Comes with an inflator/deflator
  • Ladder included
  • Provides extra jumping surface
  • Offers great bounce


  • Pricey

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RAVE Sports Splash Zone Plus 12-Foot Water Bouncer Review

RAVE-Sports-Splash-Zone-Plus-12-Foot-Water-BouncerRAVE Sports Splash Zone Plus 12-Foot Water Bouncer stands for an all-in-one waterpark since it comes with a log, slide, and swimming platform. This bouncer is perfect for two adults or three children at a time. Rave Splash Zone Plus is really easy to set up and enjoy greatly.

Since this is a bouncer, there is no hassle for spring attachments. Therefore, you can easily set up the jumping mat and the whole thing is quite lightweight than trampolines.

The 12ft bouncer comes with a 7ft slide and a 10ft balancing log. The slide enables slippery fun and the log creates an additional challenge for the jumpers or swimmers. With this bouncer, you will get a repair patch kit for small repairs. And all these settings become very easy with the included instruction manual.

The commercial-grade construction material makes the bouncer durable enough. Since there is no spring, the bouncing surface directly connects with the tube and makes it easy to set up and take it down. This splash zone is a perfect setup for your kids and family members.

The 4-point anchor harness with stainless steel swivel makes it easy to keep the bouncer in place. With this water park, you will get the ultimate commercial value and quality which is not available with other models.


  • All-in-one water park
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Slide and balancing log included
  • Repair patch kit included


  • Less bouncy than a water trampoline

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Island Hopper 10′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer Review

Island-Hopper-10'-Bounce-N-Splash-Padded-Water-BouncerIsland Hopper 10ft Water Bouncer is designed for kids but can take hard recreational use. Like other Island Hopper products, this bouncer has high-quality reinforced construction material to assure sturdy performance and a great lifetime.

This springless bouncer has a nylon webbing jumping surface interfaced directly with the inflatable tube. Therefore, it is not heavy like a water trampoline. Its tube flex feature enables the user to enjoy a short perfect bounce.

Its exclusive 1/2inch foamed premier padding assures great comfort and safety as well. And the heavy-duty 1000 denier PVC material makes it hard enough to endure heavy use. The bouncer provides with 7.6-inch jumping surface and remains 23inch high off the water.

To assure easy climbing up and down to the bouncer, the package comes with a 4-step durable easy access ladder. With this, you along with the kids can enjoy the trampoline greatly.

There are 6 anchor secure D rings to help you keep the bouncer in place. And, the 8 swimming assisted handles will make every activity with the bouncer very easy and joyful. Once you have this amazing water bouncer, you are backed with a 5year seam “No Blow-out” limited warranty offered by the manufacturer.


  • Great for kids
  • Made for heavy use
  • Easy access ladder included
  • Swimming handles enhance the joy
  • More anchor rings than others


  • Less bounce than a water trampoline

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How to Buy Best Water Trampolines and Bouncers

best-water-trampolines-&-bouncer-reviewsIt is a smart approach to know the basics of anything before going to buy it. So in this section, we are going to mention the key features that you should look for while buying perfect water trampolines and bouncers.

Inflatable Tube

The inflatable tube is the main thing of water trampolines and bouncers. The tube is mostly responsible for keeping the bouncer and trampoline floating. So this main part should be built strong enough. And it must be weak and leakproof. Nowadays most brands use high-quality denier PVC material for the tube.

Size of Water Trampoline

The size of your trampoline matters a lot. If you choose a large model, you have to carry extra weight every time you assemble or disassemble it. And, larger models cost more than the smaller ones.

So what size you should consider for yourself or your family, you may wonder. That solely depends on your necessity and family size. Average sizes of water trampolines generally allow two adults or four kids at a time.

So this can be a standard for deciding the size of your water trampoline. If you need a trampoline that will allow more people simultaneously you should go for the larger ones.
We always suggest investing wisely.

Since you will not buy and update your water trampolines very often, you can consider an average-sized model or a larger one. This way the water trampoline can accompany you even when your family gets bigger.

Construction Material

Water trampolines are going to be used in the sun and maybe in salty water. So the construction material should be sturdy enough to undergo sun, saltwater, and other unfavorable things. Nowadays, quality water trampolines come with high-quality commercial-grade material construction.

These materials can be of several types like K80 PVC, 28-gauge PVC, 1000 denier PVC, etc. Each of them is really good to be used for construction. So before you buy or choose any water trampoline or bouncer, do check the construction material. This habit is great and will help you lifelong.

Jumping Mat

The jumping mat determines the fun level of trampolines while you or your kids are jumping on it. The jumping surface increases with the size of your water trampoline and a larger jumping surface enhances enjoyment. Generally, jumping mats are made with flexible fabric. The flexible fabric can be made from various materials among which polypropylene is mostly used. It’s like using a quality gymnastic trampoline but having more fun.


From the history of trampolines, we can know various trampoline shapes and sizes. In the case of water bouncers, there is no frame used. Rather jumping surface is directly attached to the inflatable tube. But you should check whether the connection between the mat and tube is strong enough or not. Normally, the connection is established using elastic straps or interlocking webbing.

For water trampolines, a metal pipe frame is used. Springs are used to connect the frame and jumping mat. It is better to choose a water trampoline that comes with a galvanized frame. Without galvanization, the frame will get rusted soon.

Anchor Systems

For normal trampolines like square-shaped trampolines or trampolines with rectangular shapes, legs, and sometimes wind stakes are used to keep them in place. For a water trampoline, you also need anchors to keep it in place. Anchor points are very necessary for water trampolines and bouncers.

Before buying any water trampoline you must check the anchor systems. And don’t forget to check how many anchor points you will get with the chosen one. We suggest four to six-pointed anchor systems. They are enough to hold your boncer or trampoline in the place.

D rings

D rings play a vital role while taking your water trampoline or bouncer from one place to another. They also contribute greatly to the anchor systems. These rings are D-shaped metal clips that come with some quality water bouncers and trampolines. Try to choose one that comes with D rings. It will help you every time and reduce your hassle. Besides, you can use them for various purposes.


Every decent water trampoline and bouncer comes with some handles. The number of handles may vary from model to model. But handles do help you use the trampoline or bouncer easily and greatly. In general, they are placed near the ladder to help you climb up the ladder comfortably.


An easy access ladder adds another dimension to your fun. With it, you can easily access the jumping surface and enjoy it more. Some of the models come with a ladder and some don’t. So you have to check if a ladder is included with the package. And the steps of the ladder also vary. Some ladders have 3 steps while some have 4 steps.

Ease of Assembly

If you are not using your bouncer or trampoline frequently, you would like to deflate the toy and store it in a secure place. So ease of assembly and disassembly must be assured. Otherwise, you will have to suffer a lot each time setting up the bouncer. But luckily our suggested models have this handy feature and you will use water bouncers in the summer only. So nothing to worry about.


Quality manufacturers like Rave Sports offer various extensions for their trampolines. Other brands also offer some. These extensions are meant to be bought separately and can add greatly to your jumping and splashing.

While finalizing your decision do check whether that chosen one has enough extensions. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have enough money but there is nothing to buy additionally. So check before spending your valuable money.

Extra Feature

Very few bouncers and trampolines come with extra options that are included in the package. The feature could be slides, balancing logs, resting lounges, and so on. Of course, you can buy each of the items separately. But everybody likes to get additional things with the basic package. So why not try to avail of that option. Some products come with a small repairing kit which will help you greatly in times of emergency necessity. So consider it as well.

There are also some great in-ground trampolines on the market that are unique like the water trampolines. They provide some extra features that aren’t common to the traditional types.

Water Trampoline vs Water Bouncer

The water trampoline is one of the unique varieties of trampolines that you will find. Water trampolines and water bouncers are used in the same places. But they are not the same. You may consider them the same since both of them provide a bouncing or jumping facility on the water. They do have differences both in construction and basic application.

Water bouncers don’t have any spring. Rather the jumping mat is directly attached to the inflatable tube using an interlocking strap or webbing. They are lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. Since there is no spring and steel frame, you don’t have to worry about the rust and take extra care of the trampoline.

On the other hand, water trampolines have a steel frame and use springs to connect between mat and frame. So it is better to have a galvanized frame and springs for a hassle-free lifetime. They are heavier than bouncers and therefore, you have to carry extra weight.

Both of them have their uniqueness in the case of application. Bouncers provide less bouncing than trampolines. Therefore they are safer for kids. And trampoline provides more jumping opportunities. So you need to consider safety measures while jumping on a water trampoline. Also, it’s very easy to clean these trampolines because of their shape.

Price and Warranty

There will be differences in price range depending on the product type as well as their sizes. Water bouncers have different prices than those of water trampolines. And the prices go higher with the increase in size. So you have to choose according to your necessity. And different products may come with a different warranty period. So check before you buy anything. But buy one that has a decent period of warranty. It will help you out a lot.

How to Inflate and Deflate Water Trampoline

Learning the inflating and deflating processes of water trampolines is very important for water trampoline users. You can inflate and deflate the inflatable trampoline either by electric pump or manual pump.

If the trampoline is big enough, an electric pump will be the most suitable option to save your time and effort. Typically, the electric pump needs almost half an hour to inflate the standard-size water bouncers. But avoid overinflation and maintain the right air pressure.

The best inflatable trampoline can be deflated by leaving the air valve or two-way air pumps. The air valve method is a slow process. Moreover, the air pump method reduces the chance of rip or tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best water trampoline brands?

We covered the most prominent brands of inflatable water trampolines and bouncers in this article. Moreover, you should know about the prominent brand names so that you can understand, that you are on the right track.

However, we always recommend researching the available products on the market as new products come with appealing features sometimes. The topwater bouncers and trampolines brands are Rave Sports, Island Hopper, Popsport, WOW, Aquaglide, and so on.

How much water height is required to set up inflatable water bouncers?

In most cases, 8 ft water depth is good to set up the water trampolines. But for a better experience, you can set up the best water bouncer in more than 10 ft water height area. And make sure the bouncer is at least 30 ft away from hard surfaces.

Can I use a water trampoline as a traditional ground trampoline?

If you want you can do that but it’s not advisable. This will be prone to more wear and tear. Solid materials can damage the inflatable tube severely.

How to assemble a water trampoline?

Water trampolines and bouncers assembly include two steps- attaching the bounce surface and inflating the tube. Water trampolines consist of metal parts and springs so putting them together is time-consuming. But water bouncers are can be easily attached to the bounce surface and tube.

Water bouncers need almost 40 minutes to complete the setup process. While inflating the tube maintain standard air pressure for a better bounce.

What is the best water trampoline to buy?

To understand the fact you have to read the whole buying guidelines above. However, we’re recapping some important points. Spring-based water trampolines provide better bounce and higher weight limits than water bouncers. So water trampolines are good for several persons and bouncers are well for one to two persons.

After considering these compare the features of the available water trampolines and bouncers.

Is it necessary to wear life vests or floaters when using water trampolines?

Life vests and floaters are essential for those who can’t swim at all. And kids should wear these life-saving accessories before jumping on the water bouncers.

How do you repair the water trampolines?

Water trampolines and bouncers can be repaired in several ways. If there are small holes and rips, you can repair them using the repair kits and glues. But if the hole is large enough, hire a professional to fix them.

Final Words

Whether you are going for the best water trampolines or water bouncers, decide wisely and then spend. Our mentioned factors will hopefully help you greatly. Once you know the basics before buying anything, most of the confusion disappears and it becomes very easy for you to buy a perfect trampoline or bouncer to jump on the water. Good luck!

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