How to Make Your Trampoline Bouncier? Get More Bounce From Your Trampoline

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

The bouncing experience you receive from a trampoline might make you feel weightless or as if you can fly. So, what are your options for getting even higher in the air? Or if your trampoline isn’t giving you the bounce you expected, we’re here to assist.

There are several methods to make your trampoline more bouncy. Proper maintenance, spring replacement, additional springs, crossing springs, and heavy-duty spring installation are just a few of the recommendations.

How to Make Your Trampoline Bouncier?

How to make your trampoline bouncierTrampolines are multi-purpose exercise and amusement equipment with a long history of delivering healthy entertainment. They are enjoyable and well-known to both children and adults. Trampolines are also advised for persons with joint issues since they relax the joints and assist to reduce discomfort. Trampoline bouncing depends a whole on the springs and the trampoline mat.

So, first of all, trampoline springs and mat will be always in good condition to provide you comfort in bouncing. The stretch efficiency of the springs will be good enough to feedback the force of your weight on the trampoline mat.

We’ll provide you with some best guidelines for your favorite trampoline like the in-ground trampoline, along with that you’ll get the amazing trampoline bounce ever.

Scheduled Maintenance of Your Trampoline for More Bounce

It’s critical to keep your trampoline in top operating order for maximum performance and safety. Pieces of the trampoline may degrade with time, and it is critical to be aware of when this happens.

Routine checkups once a month will help you identify any issues before they become too serious. Wear spots in the jumping mat, rust or corrosion on the springs or metal, and double-checking that all elements are still snugly linked are all things to keep an eye out for.

One of the most important preventative steps you can take to extend the life of your trampoline and ensure that it follows safety regulations is to keep it in excellent shape. It’s only reasonable, given how expensive trampolines can be in some cases.

Adding More Springs to Increase Trampoline Bounce

The trampoline’s springs play an important function in extending it for a better and more efficient bounce. Although the trampoline comes with springs fitted, you may add more if you feel the current ones aren’t giving you enough bounce. Quality springs are more expensive than others, but the investment is well worth it. To guarantee that the new sets of springs are installed properly, employ a skilled technician.

Replacing Existing Springs for Higher Bounce

If you’ve owned your trampoline for a long time, it’s time to replace the springs. The spring might stretch and lose elasticity over time if the trampoline is used often. Expect performance to decrease as the springs lose their springiness. Expecting the situation to worsen much more as time goes on.

Extended exposure to the elements, which can cause rust and corrosion, is another issue that might affect performance. Rust on the springs might prevent them from fully stretching, reducing the trampoline’s bounce. If you find the trampoline’s springs have corroded, try replacing them as soon as possible.

Crossing The Springs for Bounce from Trampoline

Putting your springs in different combinations can give your trampoline additional bounce. Before you contemplate this alternative, keep in mind that crossing springs may cause the springs to wear out faster, which means you’ll have to replace them more frequently.

Crossing your springs may be done in a variety of ways:

Criss Cross Pattern (X)

Instead of putting the spring in the hole immediately across from the trampoline, you put it in the hole perpendicular to the trampoline. Repeat with the spring next to the first, but this time the second spring crosses over the first, forming an X pattern. You won’t need to buy any more springs if you use this approach.


This solution also eliminates the need for additional springs. Place two springs in one loop of the clean trampoline mat then in opposing holes with the trampoline frame from the V-pattern. Spring is not installed in the hole in the trampoline frame right across from the loop. Also, on the trampoline mat, you will only insert a spring in every other loop.


This method is a little more difficult, and you may need to purchase additional springs to make it work, but it provides the greatest bounce in my view. Three springs should be linked to every third rung on your jumping platform, whereas the others should just have one.

Additionally, the three-spring rung directly over from the one on your jump pad should only hook up with one spring. Two springs should be linked to all of the other rungs on your frame. Your springs should make a W-pattern when done correctly, with an additional spring coming out of the top of the W.

How to Make Your Trampoline Bouncier Without Crossing The Springs

If you’ve checked your springs and found that they’re exhibiting signs of wear and tear, there’s just one way to restore your bounce. Replace the springs with new ones. However, because new springs take time to break-in, you might want to consider crossing them, at least until they’ve been put to good use.

Using Stronger Springs for Consistent Bounce

Try purchasing some heavier-duty springs if you’re changing your springs or if you’ve done everything else and still don’t have enough bounce. The more kinetic energy your springs can store and reflect you, the more bounce you’ll get from your leaps.

Using Double Spring for Bounce

Finally, the trampoline with the most springs will offer the most bounce. Some trampolines are designed to hold more springs than others, but if yours isn’t, you may still double the number of springs by employing some of the spring crossing techniques discussed previously.

Efficiency Springs for High Bounce from Trampoline

Although there is a spread of trampoline spring companies to settle on, a durable and high-performing spring could also be exactly what you would like. Keep in mind that efficiency springs are more expensive than ordinary springs, but they last considerably longer. Efficiency springs are standard on higher-quality trampolines.

Because they are constructed of heavy-duty materials that can resist outdoor conditions, high-performance springs are very elastic and robust. The stronger the springs are, the more kinetic energy they have, which results in a more bouncy bouncing action.

Why You Didn’t Get Good Bounce from Your Trampoline?

Consistent trampoline use, particularly by adults, might, however, result in a loss of elasticity and performance with time. Trampolines lose their bounce due to a variety of causes, including:

  • Using a trampoline on a daily or regular basis might cause it to lose height on bounces
  • Excessive weight on springs might cause them to lose flexibility
  • Wearable springs, such as cracked or corroded springs
  • Worn places in the trampoline jumping mat

So, you need to follow up to find the variety of causes that are the main obstacles to getting the proper bounce on the trampoline floor.

So, How to Get The Proper Bounce From Your Trampoline?

The trampoline’s bouncing effect cannot be eliminated absolutely, although it may be swiftly restored if it occurs. If your trampoline’s bounciness begins to diminish, you may utilize the methods listed above to improve it. To save money in the future, make sure to invest in high-quality springs.

It’s also a good idea to hire a skilled technician to repair or recycle the trampoline so that it’s done correctly. On a spherical trampoline, make sure you’re jumping in the center of the trampoline for the best bounce and greater workout benefits.

Moreover, avoiding jumping too near to the edges improves safety and decreases the risk of an accident. If the trampoline is to be used by all individuals, including adults, the last suggestion to extend the life of your trampoline is to adhere to the weight restriction. You may check our earlier article about the weight limit and so on.

Excessing the specified weight limit is the quickest method to stretch out and lose flexibility in your springs. If you stay within the maximum jumping capacity, you’ll be able to enjoy your trampoline for many years. Furthermore, your trampoline might last lengthier if you take care of it.

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