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Last Updated on May 27, 2022

If you want to have fun with your family or get some fitness trial at a trampoline park, you can go to a trampoline park with many features. The cost of entrance to a trampoline park varies with some conditions. Rates for children have been as minimal as $12, while prices for adults are much cheaper. A parent’s fare costs about $5 for certain adults.

You can have some features and extra facilities in the trampoline park and feel free to enjoy various rides. The cost will vary according to the park, the offerings available, and the state or city in which you reside.

So, How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost?

How much does the trampoline park costThe entire expense of your visit will be determined by the number of members of your family who will gain entry and use the services. It will also vary on whether you purchase passes or not. For one hour, you may expect to spend between $12 to $15 at one park.

They may have lessened rates for two and three-hour time constraints, with costs of $21 to $27, correspondingly. A further park charges $8 for children and slightly more for regular 1 to 3-hour visits, so children’s time may be a little bit cheaper.

Additionally, there are several subscriptions to choose from, as well as subsidized tickets to special events. To acquire specific numbers, you’ll need to contact the trampoline park you wish to visit. There are some FAQs or queries people concerned about the trampoline park.

Open Jump Trampoline Park Prices

Open jump fees are $13.00 for an hour, $17.00 for 90 minutes, and $21.00 for 120 minutes for all ages. Each hour of additional jumping time is $8.00 per person. Your ticket covers not just the open jump area, but also a range of other exciting activities like tricks on trampolines. The following attractions at Rocking Jump give you the greatest bang for your buck:

Arcade: The arcade is a good place to go if you want to take a break from bouncing. It’s a fantastic location to play old favorites or try your hand at the current releases.

Dodge Ball Arena: For adults on trampolines, dodge ball conjures up images of childhood playground games. Now, the next generation of kids may enjoy making their memories via some friendly competition.

Slam Dunk Zone: At the Rocking jump, visitors don’t have to be seven feet tall to fulfill their NBA aspirations. Jumpers are propelled into the air by launch pads, which provide considerable vertical action for them to show off their greatest dunk skills.

X Beam Jousting: There’s nothing like trying to knock an opponent off their beam to bring out a person’s inner gladiator. Participants put their muscles and balance abilities to the test with the help of a cushioned lance.

Rock Climbing Wall: The rock climbing wall allows youngsters to establish difficult goals and find out how to achieve them while navigating their way to the summit.

The foam pit is perfect for flying, flipping, and diving into the air with uncontrolled terror, knowing that there will be a gentle landing.

Area for children aged 6 and under: The Kid’s Zone allows younger children to have their own jump time. They can bounce about in this area without worrying about being pushed over by larger children. Entry into the Baseball Corral is also available for a little charge. These inflatable balls are large enough to get straight into. Then there’s a lot of fun bouncing off each other with as much power as possible.

Overall On Average a Trampoline Park Prices

For regular adolescents and users, the typical cost of one hour at a trampoline park appears to be in the $12 to $15 range. However, some trampoline park websites, such as Sky Zone’s, do not show costs.

These parks are franchised, so prices may differ depending on where you go, especially if you visit one in another country. To obtain their rates, first, choose the specific area you currently occupy, and then proceed from there.

It’s impossible to determine average pricing because these parks offer so many memberships, unique jump times, and discounts. Wearing an Attitude T-shirt, for example, gets you $1 off the usual price. Children’s time appears to be $8 a session on average.

What is The Cheapest Trampoline Park?

This is difficult to explain because there may be some less recognized trampoline parks that offer lower prices than the more respectable and well-known ones. However, throughout our investigation, we discovered that Zero Gravity is the cheapest park we researched. Its one-hour and other individual pricing are at least $2 to $5 less than the other options we investigated.

Of course, inexpensive isn’t always the greatest, but it doesn’t hurt to check out these parks to see if they’re any better than the others. However, for the price, Zero Gravity appears to be a reliable trampoline park with a wide range of attractions for you and your family to enjoy.

How Far Does That Seem to Do an Hour of Sky Zone cost and The Summer Pass?

This organization has approximately 200 sites in Canada and the United States. We can only estimate an approximate price because entrance fees differ from state to state and place to place. The half-hour charge is usually $12. The hourly rate is $15 costs per person.

For example, In Arizona, one of their parks charges around $14 per person, but keep in mind that these firms have the right to modify pricing at any moment and without warning. When you have 10 or more persons in your party, you must make bookings and will be charged an extra $1 per person for the booking.

On one of the franchise websites we looked at, the firm does not have a specific summer pass listed. You can consider purchasing one of three membership categories. The basic membership, which costs $19.99, is the first option.

The next level is elite membership, which costs $24.99. It comes with several discounts. The Elite+ membership is the highest level and costs $39.99. Each membership plan comes with its own set of savings and choices to make your visit to a Sky Zone trampoline park more pleasurable. A 30-day admission at another Sky Zone facility costs $44.99, so looking for one that provides a summer pass will take some time.

The average price is given above, but it is only that. It appears that each park owner is free to set their admission prices, with minor pricing differences depending on location. One individual pays $16.99 to visit one park in Illinois. This is most likely owing to the park’s high property taxes in that state.

The Sky Zone website offers an easy-to-use location web page where you can find out how much your local Sky Zone trampoline park charges by going to their main website at this link.

The majority of parks, like Sky Zone, simply state the price per person or each jumper. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that parents pay when their children visit these playgrounds. Sky Zone appears to feature a special family night where a $45 ticket gives you a family of five passes plus a few extras.

The firm claims that they divide jumpers by age and size of the trampolines for various attractions under their new ticket structure, which now costs $15 for an hour. This indicates that adults must pay as well and that they are separated from their children due to the age gap.

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park Cost

This trampoline park may appeal to you since its entrance costs are lower than those of many of its competitors. You may work out for one hour for $10.99, and if you want to exercise for longer, you can spend $14.99 for 90 minutes or $18.99 for two hours.

The price of a special unlimited pass is $23.99, and they are reserved for individual users. There is a separate section for you that details the group pricing. They also provide a link to party fees, which might save you some cash.

Altitude Trampoline Park Cost

This trampoline park appears to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum. A jump hour costs $12.95. A two-hour session costs $20.95, while a three-hour session costs $25.95. Toddler time is $7.95, plus $2 for parents who jump in.

Alternatively, when adults pay $6.95, children under the age of two are free. On Sundays, this park offers 3 hours of jumping for $17.95, as well as additional promotions that make visiting this park quite appealing.

You will not be left out of the fun if you homeschool. For $10, Altitude offers a home school deal that allows your children aged 7 and above two hours of jumping time. For homeschooling children aged 3 to 6, the fee is reduced to $8.

Conclusion on Trampoline Park Cost

As with any pricing articles, we must state that the prices given are the current advertised prices of the trampoline park. Each trampoline park retains the right to alter prices at any time. It may work to your advantage, as it did with Sky Zone, because expenses may occasionally be reduced.

Also, rates vary by location, so the prices mentioned here may not be the same as the pricing for the park you choose to visit. Trampoline parks, on the other hand, are a lot of fun and a fantastic way to get some decent exercise like on the gymnastic tramps. So, enjoy yourselves and your families and keep exploring the variety of trampoline parks and their features.

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